Friday, December 11, 2009

Adeline's First Christmas Present

I've been waiting so patiently.
I've been such a good little Mommy.
I wrapped Adeline's gifts and tucked them in the back under the tree so that I would not be tempted to give them to her like I already was as soon as I bought them.
I didn't break though.
Nope, I'm ever surprised I didn't.

She hasn't had a new toy since September.

... but today.....
she got her first Christmas present, and it was SO cute!

My grandfather [Dad's Dad] asked if he could come drop her presents off.
Surely I said yes.
Little did I know she was getting Little Tikes Cozy Coupe.
Those things are like 30 years old now!

My pawpaw told me to wait until Christmas if I wanted (which I will for her other gift from him) but I'm not going to lie ya'll... as soon as he hit the driveway and left... I ripped that bad boy open!
Now is where I'll mention how much I hatehatehate to assemble things.

I'm not very good at putting things together. Especially toys and things like that. Like seriously this thing had over 36 pieces and 16 assembly step instructions. It took me 1 hour and 10 minutes to get to step 4.
I mean in my defense I did have 10 eager little fingers (not mine) trying to put every single piece in her mouth and throw anything near her. Plus the ripping instructions from my hands over and over didn't help either.
So yea we had to wait for Daddy to get home.
Lucky for us he gets off early on Fridays! HORRAY!!!!

Philip whipped that thing together in probably 10 minutes.
That would have taken me approximately 2 hours.

And there we go. My little tiny baby sits in a big girl car, and I could almost cry at how big that makes her look. Her first Christmas present is/was a hit!

Thanks PawPaw.

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  1. Cuute! When people talk about how they used to have those battery powered Big Wheels type things, I recall my little car like this that I had. I rode in that thing till I was too big for it!