Sunday, February 28, 2010

Good Early Morning

I love Sunday mornings. 
They're happy, and they have a plan.
Sunday's are so graceful and easy. 

This Sunday morning I woke up before my babbling alarm clock. She's still sleeping, actually.
Sometimes I wish I remembered how to just make myself sleep late, but I guess I'm just an early bird now. 

So all of my little duckies were in bed catching some sweet Sunday Zzzzs.
and because I'm an awesome mommy/wifey they all got fresh smoothies for breakfast.
Mostly because we needed to eat the fruit before it goes bad, AND it's Sunday.
Then daddy arose from bed only to go hunting.
5 leaf clover hunting that is. 

A 5 leaf clover for each of us (including Gracie)
and he found 3 four leaf clovers.

Maybe it's our luck day. 


  1. Such a good momma/wifey you are!

    5-leaf clovers?! I've never found a 4-leaf much less multiple 5-leaf clovers. Good catch Philip!

  2. Love the sleepy pictures. :) Thanks for the visit...I'm not a gardener either, but I am going to try to at least not kill anything this year. ;)

  3. You really need to play the lottery, 5 leaf clovers?!?