Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Blog to Read:

I follow a whole buncha blogs, but there are only a few I read faithfully.
We Are That Family is one of them.
She has a way of making you feel like you're normal while making you laugh.
She's also got some great ideas for children's projects, crafts, and other every day ideas and tips that she often shares on a "Works for Me" Wednesday link party.

What she is doing now though, is incredible.

Kristen from We Are That Family is in Kenya walking among the dirty streets of Africa and still finding Jesus' touch in the most hopeful places.

I've read every entry since she's been in Africa, and tears have flooded my eyes and hope filled my heart.
I admire her so much for her bravery and what she's doing is bigger anything I can ever even imagine doing.

She talks about the benefits of sponsoring some of these innocent children and offering them drastically better lives for around $40 a month.
When Philip gets home we are going to seriously consider working this into our budget and better yet our hearts.

I just thought I'd share something wonderful I've found and that give me a great sense of hope and love for all of the grace that our Father provides, even in the dirtiest parts of the world.

Have a nice day, and enjoy Kristen's heartfelt stories.

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