Friday, March 12, 2010

Flowers and Bows Oh My

I've been blogging on this blog since I was pregnant-so going on two years. 
I am flattered and giddy that after almost 2 years, my husband reads this blog. 
Granted he is offshore and he does miss us and it helps him to see what we're doing while he's away, but you might not understand--he doesn't read-anything.
[I don't mean that impolitely, in fact he'll back me up]

The other night Philip IMd me on facebook and caught a spelling error for me.

Do you know what that means?

That means he reads it. 
Not just looks at the photos...
Not just scans the words for his name..
He reads what I write, and after being with him for 8 years you would think I wouldn't care one way or the other--but I do.

So, thanks daddy for doing what you do for us, thanks for being away for us, thanks for missing us. 
I love you, and I hope this entry is error free for you.

I've been fabric/ribbon flower making all week long.
It's really just so much fun, and I enjoy ruffling. 
I'm working on pro ruffling status. 
These are my favorites. Some are now headbands, some are now clips, but all of them are making me super stoked for spring. 
This one is my favorite favorite. 

Love, love.

Oh, and Adeline's large bow-holder that I made for her when she was a baby has run out of room for my mass collection of bows. SO I'm making her another one very soon. In the mean time, holler at me if you want this one. Otherwise it'd be trash, and that's just a shame. :)
It's Shalyn's now. :)

I of course, will be keeping the bows ;)
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  1. I'm visiting from New Friend Friday. I love your blog. The flower bows are so adorable! It's nice to "meet" you!

  2. The bows are soo cute! I'm wishing I had a little girl so that I could have an excuse for such adorable-ness!

    That is too sweet about the husband. I beg my husband to read my blog! ; ) He does, of course. But you know..

  3. new follower here, found you through TGC! love your site and your crafty stuff, so cute!

  4. That is the cutest bow holder ever!!

    My husband wouldn't read my blog if I paid him.