Monday, March 8, 2010

My girl loves shoes.

It's true, she's fascinated with shoes. It doesn't matter if they're on her feet, my feet, shelves, or even the floor. Shoes are just so amazing to my little girly girl.
I am a little ashamed to admit that there is usually an accumulation of shoes at my garage door. I just don't like to track in dirt, and it's just easier to leave them at the door so they're there when I'm ready to leave again.
If you come over to my house, and I know you're coming you won't ever see them.
I pick them up. :)

Miss Addie Jean thinks it's cool to bring them to me to put on during random parts of the day.
Sometimes it means she wants to go bye bye. Sometimes it means she wants me to put them all on at the exact same time.
Like today.

She wanted me to put on every shoe she brought me. All at the same time.
Even her shoes.

She grew increasingly frustrated as the shoes would no long just pile on top of each other. 
So we ended that before tantrums spoiled the fun. 

It amazes me how a little tiny person just a year old can know so much. 
It's also so funny to see how much of a girl she is all by herself.
I mean come on, she likes to talk on the phone, go shopping, play with shoes, and put bows in her hair. 
If that doesn't spell girl, I don't know what does.

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  1. oh my gosh... too cute with her putting all of those shoes on your feet!!