Saturday, March 6, 2010

Waiting for Spring

I don't know what's with me.
I usually can't get enough of winter, and I always feel like I'm just not ready for spring.
It must be that I'm anxious to redeem my gardening skills, or maybe that Adeline is walking running now and she'll enjoy the limitless sunshine.
Either way, my crafts lately have been a little springy:
I made these letters for my good friend Chere's little girl that will be born in a couple of months.
I couldn't resist the pack of spring/summer paper at Hobby Lobby, and I'm sure glad I bought it! 
and our new bee clip!
I made Adeline a gorgeous yellow bow with white polka dots months ago.
Unfortunately it's somewhere around Barker when we spent 5 hours there buying a new car.
So I went to make her a new yellow bow, when I was inspired by her bee dress to just make a felt bee clip.
I love it so much!! SO easy too!!!

Oh ,my winter house florals have been switched over to bright springy things. 
That's the spring wreath I made with those hydrangeas.
I hated it at first since I'm not really a pastel kind of person, but the more I look at it the more I really like it.

We do a lot of playing outside in the evenings now. That's how I really know spring time is right around the corner. Oh and side walk chalk, and bubbles, and then pools and sprinklers... soundin' good!!
By the way, the dress she's wearing in the second picture is the one I made her with some of that clearance walmart fabric. Pretty, huh?


  1. THanks for checking out my blog Courtney! I love the stuff you've been working on! The bee clip is adorable!


  2. love the bee clip and the dress in that last picture! i hope someday that i have a daughter to make cute things for!!

  3. Love that bee clip! Thanks for sharing with Made it Monday! Jules