Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cricut/Vinyl Love

I love my Cricut.
I love my husband even more for buying it for me.
Sweet man, he is.

I've been on a vinyl frenzy here at home:
I added this scripture from the book of Joshua in my dining room above my table. 
I really love it although it drives me crazy because it's about a quarter of an inch uneven.
It slowly slants to the right since I wasn't standing centered when I applied it.
Dumb move, I know.
Either way, it sticks until I find something else for up there. I really love the reminder, and read it often.
I added my house numbers on my door. 
Even on our bird house.
(I didn't climb up there to monogram it, I put it before we hung it).

Pretty handy that Cricut is!


  1. Oh thats a beautiful bird house!!! I want to build an entire bird neighborhood someday, probably when we move to our next house in a year or two. Or maybe I'll wait until we buy a house. Whenever that will be.

    I've always been interested in vinyl lettering for home decor, but we've got textured walls, and the two just don't go well together. I think what you've done with yours looks lovely though :)

  2. I love the bird "mansion"! = ) What lucky birds!

  3. You did a great job!! Do you have the larger Cricut? I have the small one, and I wasn't sure if it can cut vinyl. :) Thanks for the visit, fellow Glee fan. ;) Hope you might swing by the Dishing It! party tomorrow. :)