Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lake Arthur

When my husband in, he has to go to Lake Arthur for a safety meeting every Tuesday.
It's a 2hr15min drive both ways for a meeting that usually lasts a half hour at the most.
This time Addie and I went with him for a Keb family roadtrip.

It was a challenge to entertain my 15month old for a 2 hour car ride, but we were successful and good on timing seeing as she was just starting to lose it as soon as we got there.

Lake Arthur is a very small town with-you guessed it a lake.
So I figured Addie and I would play by the lake and a nearby park while Daddy went to his meeting.

Adeline was so thrilled to get out of the car, the happy faces were just spilling out.

So we did about 5 minutes at the park when I noticed that the lake's shore was lined with ducks.
Adeline really likes birds/ducks and that's her favorite animal sound to make so I knew she'd be thrilled.

This would be her duck. (Insert baby quacks)

They didn't stay for long though. The closer we got the more ansy the ducks got, but when Addie picked up a stick and ran full throttle for them they took off faster than I knew they could even move.

See ya ducks.

So when the ducks were gone she noticed the sand and water, and of course i got 2340790457 pictures of her first (kinda) beachy experience.

Then she saw a lot of duck poop and threw a major tantrum because I stopped her from picking it up.

Mini-melt downs aside we had a lovely time and just as she was becoming bored, Daddy showed up to take us to lunch.

We were walking to the car in that picture when Philip said he wanted to stop to go to the bathroom at the park. So I put  my camera in my bag, picked up Addie, and told him I'd meet him in the car.

Well when Philip stopped to go to the bathroom a creep came out of no where and started following me and Adeline to the car. I made a U-turn to go back where the bathroom was so I could go back to Philip because I was instantly scared of this dude.

Apparently I had good reason because I noticed he went completely out of his way and he did it FAST to get to me.
I could hear his foot steps picking up as I increased my pace to the restroom Philip was using.
Before I knew it we were both kind of running.

Just as the man was within 10 feet of me Philip came out.
I grabbed his hand and practically ran to the car with Addie held so tightly she was squirming to get down.

As he was asking me what was wrong a lady from a Subway accross the street was standing with her hands on her hips and blocking my exit in the park.
She started telling me how she knew my baby and I were the only ones out this morning but then she saw this man staring at us and when he started running towards me she knew it was about to be bad.
She ran out of her shop to help me but she didn't see Philip had come to pick us up (apparently the creep hadn't either). I was so shaken up I just thanked her and told her I was scared and appreciated her help. She said, "I wasn't gonna let nothin' happen to you. We women gotta look out for each other, stuff like that happens too often."

Stuff like that? What??

Not to me though.
I don't know if he was going to take my purse, or my kid, or whatever but I'm telling you it was by the grace of God (and my husband's fast peeing skills) that that man didn't get near my child because I'd have put her down and beat the crap out of him.
Truth be told I don't know what I'd have done or what he'd have done, but the situation was so scary and I am so lucky my husband showed up when he did.

It just sucks though because Addie and I are always by ourselves. We do everything together, and we usually do it alone.
Now I'm going to be all paranoid and wussy when we're by ourselves.

I trembled for probably 20 minutes after that, but we tried to shake it and just thank God that nothing happened.

We ended up going to Logans in Lafayette for lunch.

That resturant was totally for us! Anywhere where you can just put your peanut shells on the ground is a resturant that welcomes me and my messy child.

I guess all in all despite the creep (and the ticket Philip got by a mean Jeanerette marshall) we had a nice time.
I love when Daddy's home!


  1. Holy Scare the Poo outta me!!! I had a creep encounter at the park a couple weeks ago. I don't know if the dude was waiting for a drug deal or what but my daughter and her friend were playing on the playground and he was just kinda watching them. I went on HIGH ALERT and I looked dead at him - I just stood there and stared back at him, made full on eye contact with him and right after that he left. (and I had a meltdown!).

    So glad your hubby was there with you and that other woman was looking out for you guys too!

  2. Oh my gosh! Seriously, what happened to you is one of my worst fears! Sophie and I are ALWAYS alone when we go to the park, or the beach, or the mall, pretty much everywhere. And I am always wondering if some creeper is going to get us. Jon is going to get me a mini bottle of mace (spelling?) to carry around in my diaper bag. It's completly child-proof and may just save our lives! I'm so sorry that happened to you...but SO glad you shared it so the rest of us Mamma's can be more aware when we are out with our nuggets!

    But...other than the icky part-sounds like a really fun day for you guys:)

  3. creepy stuff happens to me like that all the time! you need to get you some pepper spray to put on your key chain and a little hook to easily take your keys on/off your purse handles so that you can reach them easily. i have my keys in my hands until i am safetly in my locked car always - even the middle of the day at walmart!! glad you guys are okay. next time - kick him in the you-know-what if he gets too close. :)

  4. Sounds like y'all had quite an eventful road trip. Ducks, creeps & peanuts, oh my! I'm glad Philip was there to help save the day. Aren't husbands/daddies the best?!

  5. oh my goodness... i was stressed for you just reading about that creepie guy!!! wow! i am so glad it all turned out OK!! (and your pictures are so sweet!)

  6. Oh, scary! That was very nice of that lady to watch out for you!

  7. That story makes me grateful for my quiet little country town. Thank goodness the Lord was watching out for you!