Friday, April 30, 2010

New Blog Name/Button

Not that this is really important to anyone,
but I renamed my blog.

I came across another blog a few weeks ago named "The Good Life"
and I just kind of brushed it off.
I mean a lot of people have a "Good Life"
so I'm sure it'd be an appropriate title for one's blog.

and then yesterday I came across ANOTHER blog (actually wordpress, but same thing)
called "The Good Life"

[The Good Life was what I titled my blog before].

But since I hate to be one in a crowd, I thought and thought on a new blog name trying to come up with something simple, yet reflective.
The answer was on my living room wall on my new piece of homemade art.
Lovelove it is.
It's kind of cheesy, but it's better than being one of a few "The Good Life"s.

For anyone who was sweet enough to have my button on their page, I made a new button too.
Turtle makes his famous debut on this button, mostly because when we tell Adeline "lovelove" its usually because she's cuddling up on her turtle[the lovey that NEVER, EVER leaves her side]/

So, yea.
New button on the side, and new cheesy name.

Have a happy weekend ya'll!
I'll be eating crawfish, garage sale shopping, and probably catching up on some housework.


  1. I think LoveLove is just perfect! Congratulations on your new name and your new super cute button!

  2. Love the new name and the important meaning behind it. I have been wanting to change my blog name since I created it but am dumb founded as what to change it to. :/