Saturday, May 29, 2010

Here and There Crafts

I've been quick crafting here and there.
I just wanted to show ya'll some of what I'd been working on this week.
Of course it seems like I'm always making these for everyone asking me for some. I can't help but love ruffle flowers.  Although I have a couple of new clippie ideas I want to work on for Adeline.
I don't know what baby boy will be getting these just yet, but I fell in love with the fabric, and had to put these little burp cloths together for a gift.
Philip's godchild turned 3 last week, so I used Homemade by Jill's cozy car caddy tutorial to make him something cool to tote his cars around in. I tweaked a few thinks just because I was lacking some supplies, and hers is much cuter, but I got the job done none the less.
This next project was unexpectedly challenging for me. A friend of a friend brought me some fabric, blanket binding, and some cut tags and wanted me to make her daughter some mini blankets with tags on them. Her little girl uses the two tags rubbed together as comfort and can't go without them. Since I'm familiar with little lovies (turtle) I knew I'd do them for her, but I'd never worked with blanket binding. It was difficult to work with, and I didn't like the end result, so the rest of her blankies were kind of plain.
and some John Deer and Cars blankets for the same little girl.

As I seem to get more and more checked off the list, it just seems like I am adding more and more in return. Sheesh. ;)


  1. Oh those little ruffle hair flowers are so cute!! Eleanore never did keep cute things like that on her head, she'd pull it off first chance she got.

  2. You are so talented!!! Adorable crafts. I'm DYING over the headbands...and you should sell them! I wish I could sew!!

  3. You do such nice work!! I use to sew little dress for my daughter...Are those days ever over. :) Now it's American Eagle jeans...The REALLY COOL thing is that for Christmas 2 years ago she sewed pillow case for all her friends...This year she made them all Duct Tape purses...I guess now I get to sew with her instead of for her...LIFE ROCKS!!

  4. I LOVE the car caddy! How neat! He can take turns putting his favorite cars in the slots.

  5. These are all so wonderful! You are very talented :)