Friday, May 28, 2010

Flashback Friday

Exactly 2 years ago today my entire life changed.
My husband left for work around 6:30am, and as soon as I heard his truck start I hopped out of bed and took a pregnancy test I just knew I was taking too early.
We decided we wanted a baby and I got off my birth control pills at the beginning of May.
This was the first pregnancy test I'd be taking, and I was convinced I was wasting my time since my period wasn't even due for a week.
"Are you kidding me?" I remember saying that out loud.
Then I paced my bedroom for who knows how long nearly hyperventilating.
I thought I would be happy once we got pregnant, but I was instantly scared to death.
I knew I couldn't tell Philip over the phone while he was at work, so I went shopping for little baby things to replace my table centerpiece for dinner that night.
So that was what was on the center of the table when he came home and sat down for dinner. He's such a guy because he didn't even notice at first. I actually had to ask him if he noticed anything different, which he immediately and slightly worriedly looked at his food. Once he saw the pregnancy test and the little baby socks I'll never forget what my daddy to be husband said first.
"Aw man that means we don't get to do it all the time anymore."
that was immediately followed by:
"It's a girl."
Then he ate his dinner.
and that was that.

Pregnancy sucked for me.
In fact it still terrifies me.
I had:
-hyperemesis gravidarum
-placental tearing
and frequent dehydration

Those were most definitely the most difficult 10 months of my entire life.
and people wondered why I was so eager to get induced at 40 weeks on my due date.

So for the fun of my flashback, here's some preggo pictures of me and my little Squigaline.

It was all very worth it though. :)

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  1. Sweet story :). I'm stopping by from New Friend Friday!

  2. I didn't know you did the centerpiece thing! Adorable! What Philip said sounds like something Jacob would say, lol.

  3. Saying hi from NFF...Very cute story! I love the little baby socks on the table as the surprise! : )

  4. Great post!

    Yeah, that moment is such a strange feeling - it's "yea!" and "omigosh, what now??"... Happy terror as I like to call it.

  5. Found your blog over at New Friend Friday! Love it!
    I am your newest follower :)

  6. Cute centerpiece! I hated pregnancy too... I had absolutely no complications but I was miserable. And I was induced too!

  7. Awww! I found out I was pregnant just about a year before you on May 29, 2007, so our kids must have very close birthdays a year apart! (my son is feb 1 - 2008).

  8. Awwwww, what a cute story!! Well, not the difficult pregnancy part, that part sucks, but how you told your hubby, and all of the pictures of your growing belly- so cute.

  9. I too was very sick with my daughter I didn't have as many things like you but it was not fun. I am now expecting my second & for a few weeks was feeling great.. but this past week the sickness has kicked in.
    Cute prego belly!

  10. I had the worst pregnancy ever, too. But look at the wonderful thing that resulted! I think I'm crazy enough to do it again (if my husband would let me!).

    Following from FFF

    xo Erin

  11. Oh what a great flashblack! and you were seriously the cutest preggo ever!

  12. I could cry thinking of how cute it was to set up that little center piece! And his comment about not being able to "do it" as much...SO my husband! Haha! Thats always his main concern in every senerio I think;) You are just about the most adorable pregnant girl ever!

  13. Super, Super cute post. Following you from New Friend Friday!

  14. Goodness gracious. What a story. Love how you told him:)
    Very adorable pictures!

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    Happy Friday!!

  16. Aww...sweet story! That totally sounds like something my husband would say!!! ;) Thanks for the visit, chica. :)

  17. I had a hard pregnancy too with my first. I was in the hospital almost non stop and she ended up coming early. The centerpiece idea was adorable though!

    Following you from Follow Me Friday!! Hope you visit and follow me as well! Have a great weekend!

  18. Awww, this makes me miss my pregnancy! It's crazy how fast time is just flying by these days...

    New to your blog amd I love it. It's very sweet <3