Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday's Fav Things

I turn to the blog world for a lot of things.
I come here to record memories and photos of my family, my life, and mostly my little girl.
I walk blogland for recipes and frugal tips.
I share my crafts and search other blogs for more creative inspiration. 
I laugh, cry, and relate with other bloggers on some of the topics that touch me the most.

I enjoy blogging and journaling and recording, and I enjoy the wide friend base available to me through here. 
So thanks for that all my bloggie friends.

Anyway to the point, I'm always up for a theme, and my Thursdays are pretty much available here on the blog.
So I've decided to make Thursdays here 
Thursday's Fav Things
Whether it be a product, a recipe, a photo, book, movie, whatever I would like to dedicate (at least on my blog) Thursdays to be a favorite.
Since after all Thursday is and always has been my fav day of the week. 
Thursdays and me go way back....

anyway, today I bring you my favorite resturant.

If your ever in New Orleans, you've got to stop by, the food is so yummy! mmmmmmmm
 If you're not in New Orleans, and you still want to go: pack up your baby and 47 books, toys, and other objects to keep occupied and drive straight there.
A 50 minute drive and a 15 minute wait (way short for Houstons) is totally worth the mouthwatering goodness that awaits. Oh baby, you don't even know.
 It's pretty much required that we order the spinach and artichoke dip. Yea, they make us.
Oh but this is what I go for. For the 7 years I've been coming this is the only thing I've ever ordered, and I can't ever try anything else people rave about because this Chicken Club Salad is so delectable and dreamy I can't pass it up. The way they fry their chicken is unlike any other chicken I've had. SO good!!! Bacon, carots, egg, and a garlic butter dressing. Oh my it's so good. 
 and Squiggy even loves it. Of course she loves any place with some good chicken, but Houston's is special because they have a cool seat attaches to the booth so she can sit like a big girl. (of course in this photo we were headed out so she was already out.)
We'll miss you, although we are glad you aren't closer because we'd probably be broke.


  1. Mmmmm that spinach artichoke dip looks delish.

    I would love to move down to Louisiana; unfortunately there isn't really a job market for Da Hubbster's career. Mine is a bit more flexible. I adore Baton Rouge. I can't wait to come back, but when I do I'll have to try Houstens. YUM!

  2. Awwww...what a sweet post! I relate SO much to all the reason we bloggers blog! And again, you've gotten me to crave food that is impossible for me to have! And your hubby is a cutie pie too! Isn't it fun to have adorable husbands?

  3. Wow. That spinach dip looks amazing....
    But that dish after it looked divine, too!
    Lovely post!

  4. I'm so with you on the reasons why we blog. It's so nice to get to know everyone, and learn new things from each other too. You've inspired me a few times!
    Also I got Max two of those puzzles you talked about! He got the ocean one and a dinosaur one.

    The food looks amazing! Yum!

  5. That spinach artichoke dip looks YUMMY! I love, love, love Houstons...the key lime pie is the best.

    Thanks for the comments, visiting you back from NFF.