Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fav Things Thursday

Welcome to Fav Things Thursday!
Because Thursday is my favorite day, I thought every Thurs I'd share with you some of my own favorites.
This Thursday I made a really cool button [it has chocolate caaaaake in it], and I want you to share some of you're fav things too.
A recipe, a product, a photo, a helpful tip, a craft, a wish-list, an activity, a season, a lesson, a story, a style... whatever you're feelin, I'd love to check it out.
I think the blog world is a great place for ideas and inspiration.
I know other bloggers' suggestions and reviews have influenced or inspired some of my own buying, cooking, crafting, etc. and I'd love to know what your fav thing is today. 
So grab a button and link up a post below, it can be a new or an old post, I'm not picky, and check out some of the favs out there on this fine Thursday.

Today I share with you my favorite homemade smoothie.

Although I really love Angel Food Smoothie at Smoothie King, I often either don't feel like driving across town, or talk myself out of spending $5 when I have fruit at home I can blend up.

So fruit at home I blend up:
Strawberry ice cubes. Fresh strawberries don't ever last long around here so I usually buy an extra carton and puree them baby food style and freeze little ice cubes of then for future smoothie making.
A banana of course [and if I happen to be out of bananas because my baby is a monkey then I just use Strawberry banana yogurt], and a couple of grapes [because they're great on flavor but the skins suck in a smoothie.]
A few pineapple chunks because I have a weakness for fresh tangy pineapple.
Sweeten with a splash of apple juice.
A heaping spoonful [or two] of lite whipped cream for a creamy consistency. 
A few extra ice cubes, and blend well.
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm for me
and for little one too. 

So let me see your fav this week.


  1. Hello?!?!?!? That looks amazing!! Too bad I forgot all about wanting to join in on this awesome idea for Thursday! I love this!

  2. Mmmm. :) Truly "mmmmm".
    *happy sigh* That is so yummy. I can almost taste it.
    I linked up! copied a link from one of my favorite posts/things....coconut pudding. Oh, goodness. :D

  3. Yum! This looks amazing! Let me try to find something to link :)

  4. I thought I commented last night but I guess I was too tired to remember to come back after I posted mine. ;P

    I haven't made smoothies in a long time, and this is one I haven't tried. M isn't a big fruit eater, but I am curious to see if he would drink one of these. I'm going to try one soon!

  5. Love your favorite things...I have had the hardest time linking up today, I did it but I'm not sure computers are my one of my favorite things...kind of a love hate relationship. :)