Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fav Things Thursday

Today I tell you what my favorite thing is this week, and today it's yummy!
uh huh. 'round here we eat our ice cream in a cone for the summa time.
Drippin' down your hands as the sunshine melts that icy, sweetness. 
Mmm mmm mmmmm hmmm
and after enjoying her first ice cream cone,
I'm pretty sure it's on the top of Adeline's fav things list this week.
Now if you want to go down the favorite ice cream road...
mine is a toss up between just plain ol' chocolate fudge and cookies and cream. 
Oh I also really like the one with the peanut butter cups in it. 
Got a favorite this week?
Anything at all, feel free to share! 
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  1. uuumm, I hate to be all intrusive but you HAVE to invite us over for an ice cream party!

    Please, oh please?! We'll clean up our mess, promise!

  2. How cute is that outfit?!! Hmmmm I wonder how M would do with an ice cream cone! Haha! :D

    I have to skip the Favs post this week. :( I decided to play all day today, and I have a huge mess of a house to clean up. I'm taking a break right now to read blogs. Hehee. But next week I promise I'll play again. I even know what I'm going to blog about.


  3. Hello?!?!?! I want ice cream so badly right now I could scream (haha)! She is so cute I could cry!
    PS-I'm calling you tonight hell or high water! Sophie picked the ONE night this week to stay up till 11 pm! Murder for me! YIKES!

  4. Okay Courtney...don't laugh...but I've wondered this for a while...what is that a picture of under your title "Fav Things Thursday??" :)

  5. She is too cute with that ice c ream cone! i'm gonna have to try to give my lil man one now!

  6. Oh dear that looks good!
    I wanted to comment the other day, but we were on vacation and the only wifi spots were in town on short errands:)