Friday, June 25, 2010

Flashback Friday

I never had any idea how much money a newly wed couple could collect during a money dance.
Maybe it's because I have no concept of numbers or something.
I don't know, I guessed we'd have maybe a couple of hundred dollars to eat out at some nice places at on our honeymoon.
We had enough money to pay for the beach front hotel for a week on our honeymoon. 
Holy wow!
We were so grateful to own so much money and then be able to go on our very own vacation.... alone.
and hah
[to those who don't know what a money dance is [[because I don't know if it's just another thing just us Southerners do]] it's a few songs where men line up to dance with the bride and pin money on her, and then women line up to dance with the groom and pin money on him].
I remember being so worried about the money dance. 
I was afraid Philip would have a line from the dance floor out of the reception hall door and I'd be dancing with a few pitty dancers. 
but I will boast and say that I was impressed and flattered that my line was actually equal to him, and guests kept us dancing (and making money) much longer than we anticipated.
I could have danced with that man all day (my husband that is). 
He's the 'I don't dance' type. 
Like not even alone in the living room with me.
At all.
Not even with begging.
My wedding day was the only day (besides 3 homecomings and 2 proms) 
that my husband danced with me.

Awww can you tell that my anniversary is coming up?
Philip's about to be reminded, because once July rolls around I start walking around the house in my veil.

Swear I'm not that crazy.


  1. Don't you just wish like once a year on your anniversary everyone would get together and do another money dance? LOL I defintely miss all the money we collected from that. Wearing your veil that's so cute. It's always fun to have ways to remember such an aamzing day!

  2. Awww, you two look so happy together!

  3. Um...I can't believe you made that much money! You must have had a HUGE wedding! BTW-your marriage might just be the sweetest love story of all time! ugh. You guys make such cute kids too!

  4. WOW I never heard of anyone getting that much money!Good for you guys! O and I love your dress so beautiful! I can't wait to get married!

  5. OH!!!! This post got me really excited, because there are pictures from MY parents wedding, where money is pinned all over my dad? I've always been curious as to what that was all about, but never asked. I haven't seen the pictures since I was little, and at the time I figured it was just another grown up wedding thing, haha.

  6. How cool. I've never heard of that before but I've also only been to 1 wedding outside of Utah and they didn't have dancing. What a really neat idea.

  7. I never heard of the money dance before but think its pretty cool! Love your beautiful flashbacks! Stopping by from Flashback Friday!


  8. How sweet :) See, having a small wedding, I didn't have a money dance. My hubby actually loves to dance...we met at a dance club, but we haven't done it in YEARS. The fact that your dance was a rare occasion makes it that much more special!

  9. I'm so with on the money dance...we paid off our honeymoon as well! Go family!! :)

  10. Awwww look at you two!! You look beautiful!!
    You know we didn't do the money dance, but then again I'm shy as hell and don't really like dancing slow. Now that I think about it, I think maybe David and I have danced like that once in our house kind of like a joke that lasted maybe 2mins. :P

  11. Yay for wedding pictures! You looked amazing! I think the money dance was the best wedding tradition EVER created! lol

  12. Love it:)
    Sounds like a good idea, that dance! Never heard of it. hehe:)

  13. i wish we had a money dance. maybe we wouldn't have gotten things like, a crock pot.