Monday, June 21, 2010

Manic Monday

This isn't going to be my traditional silent/picture overload Manic Monday.
This Monday I gots stuff to say! 

Today, I went to the doctor! 

I was totally dreading it since I haven't been in oh 16 months. 
I hate the wait, I hate the smell of the hand soap, and I hated my old doctor. 
Oh did I mention, they weigh you there? Yea, hate that too. 

My old doctor made me feel like I was minutes clicking away on her watch. She never seemed pleasant, she was forgetful, and she cut a lot of corners with my prenatal care and delivery. 
I had a lot of problems the first go round, and I didn't not like her enough to switch doctors because I wanted to stick with someone who knew what had been going on the whole time.

So this time around I schedule with a new doc, and I love him!

I've seen a lot of different OBGYNs.. I've kind of been shopping around for the right one.
I wanted one similar to my pediatrician in that I can walk in, cry, yell, talk for 20 minutes, or really just say and do what I want without feeling the pressure of a time limit. 

Dr. Sanders was awesome! 
HE sat down for 20 minutes and talked, laughed, answered my questions, and  made me feel so confident that this go round, things are going to be better and well looked after. 

I'm really happy about that!

So baby Keb aka Adanotherline 
is due February 18, 2011
Doesn't that seem so far away?

It's also less than 2 weeks after Adeline's 2nd birthday.

Phew. That's close. 

I'm 5 weeks and 4 days pregnant.
I know it's awful early to have everyone knowing, and I really tried to keep a secret.

I found out about 2 weeks ago when a nagging nausea episode occurred. 
I knew what that feeling was without a doubt and tested positive that night. 

I kept the secret for about 1 week due to shock, disbelief, insecurity, anxiety, and you know every other feeling you get what you find out your knocked up.... again.

and then I started to accept it and like it, and get to that point where you want to tell strangers passing by. 

So here we are
-sore boobs
-bloating and aching
and 5 and a half weeks pregnant

and just when I start to feel sorry for myself for having to go through all of this again [I'm pathetic, I know.] I look at my gorgeous miracle of a baby girl and I remember that this is a blessing, and I am so happy. We are so happy.
Philip thinks its a girl, and he has already picked out her name.
I already had a girl name in mind for the next daughter, but I love his choice. No one else that we've ran that name by has liked it though. It's different, I guess. but lovely. and it's old, how I like names.
[Do you know that it's agonizing to have to wait 4-5 months to find out the gender.]
although daddy over here ain't sweating it.
He thinks he's always right. We'll see.

So, since I probably gave you way more of my Monday thoughts than you even cared to just sit here and read...

I also:
-went to the gym
-ordered new pants
-got in a fight with my husband 
-secretly enjoyed watching my husband try to cheer me up 
-played in a big giant cuddle huddle under a big giant quilt on the sofa.
-got a sweet, sweet nap
-cooked chicken parmesan
-watched my daughter chase the dog's tail
-did some dishes
-and had a lot of sofa time 
My camera was apparently being lazy during these activities...kind of like me. 

Your Monday was probably more interesting than mine, 
so go on over to

Mommy Elephants Everyday Adventures
and lets hear about yours

Mommy Elephants Everyday Adventures


  1. Oh, it's so hard to keep it a secret! Great shirt. I'm glad your doc sits there an listens and chats with you. It's soooo sad that this is hard to find!

  2. HEY! I liked the name!

    I'm glad you found a better doctor. I was worried about that.

    February 18th, eh? That's a GREAT day!

    Hey lady, when are you going to show us what they new lens can do?

  3. Aw, congrats! I love that shirt. Both of mine are February babies...2/5 and 2/19 :) WOO HOO!! News like that is hard to keep secret.

  4. Thats so great that you've found a doctor you're more comfortable with. My doctor is hillarious, and totally inappropriate, constantly making jokes about mine and my husbands sex life?

    I can't wait to watch your pregnancy blossom.

  5. Such exciting news, and I love how you did this Manic Monday! There are no rules, so I'm glad you still participated! Thank you!

    Glad you got a new doctor that you already like! I hate that "hurry up" feeling. Luckily we didn't get that with mine. I'm looking forward to watching and hearing all about your pregnancy. I couldn't keep a secret either, I told at 5 weeks. It seriously is hard news to keep!

    Oh and don't worry about people and family not liking the name. You know a couple people in my family didn't like Max. Now I think they do, everything changes once the baby arrives!!

  6. Glad things are looking better this time. You deserve it!

  7. Congrats again! I love that tee shirt!! Also, Yay for Dr. Sanders! I went to him for a lady issue, and I have decided I like him better than the person I was going to, too.

  8. Aw, sweet. I don't have children and I know those lazy-camera days. :)
    That is so awesome you've found a good doctor! That is so important. At least, I hear that. ;)