Thursday, September 9, 2010

Abide by Walmart's Dress Code, Please.

So tonight's the big game. Saints vs Vikings

They're shutting down the city early this afternoon for the big Saints parade and for all of the traffic and everything.
Every station seems to be hootin' and hollerin' about this opening game, and it's so exciting! 
What I'd give to be able to drive up there today, I just can't even say! 

Instead I drove to the nearest WalMart early this morning for a couple of last minute things for a project I'm working on.

Can I tell you that a Walmart worker humiliated me?!

Alright, this is my story.
I know I'm not on the best dressed list anywhere, but I also know I'll never get called on to What Not to Wear either. 
A normal trip to Walmart would have me in jeans and a tee shirt, but today I chose not to go that route.

It's game day.
On game day we wear our game clothes around here.
So, I wore Philip's 17 jersey, and my brand new Saint's pants.
Popped a gold bow in my hair and dug out my gold flip flops. 

Now let me tell you, I didn't look near as cute as my daughter did in her fleur de lis onesie and Saints bow, but I will say I didn't look too bad. 
Well I didn't feel bad. 
In fact I felt good. I was in the spirit, I'd already taken some cute pictures of Addie in her tutu this morning, and to be honest I'm just getting hyped up with the rest of South Louisiana/America for tonight. 

So I'm walking out of the sewing department and cutting to a register through the woman's underwear section where a woman who I'd guess was in hear early 50s shouts, "Oh look at that adorable baby in her Saint's gear!" So I smiled and replied, "Thank you." as I kept walking to the check out. 

Homegirl proceeds to go on, "I can tell you one thing, that baby sure does look good, but mama you've got another thing coming."

I continued to walk and smile because frankly I didn't know where that was going.

"I don't know where you get off walking out of the door in your pajamas coming into public. Looks like you put a lot more effort into dressing that baby than you did yourself."

At this point it was kind of one of those situations where I'm wanting to look behind me to see if she's actually talking to me, but who am I kidding, I guess my pants are kind of pajama pants. 
So I nod my head and agree, "Oh yea I'ma rock these black and gold pajama pants on game day." 

I'm stopped dead in an isle, she's smiling at Adeline, and I'm all of a sudden ready for a fight.

She continues, "I don't care what day it is, when you come in public you should dress appropriately."

My mother in law is with me, and here she starts to defend me and chimes in, "She's pregnant, she wears what's comfortable."

Walmart lady says, "I don't care what you are you shouldn't come here looking like that."

Me, "EXCUSE ME? If it was a problem you should have chose to just not look at me."

Walmart lady: "Well that baby looks a whole lot cuter than you do, and she pulls it off much better than you've tried to today."

Me: "I'm sorry, this is Walmart, is it not? Are you kidding me right now??"
and then I just walked away.
She was still talking, but I was so offended and embarrassed that I literally just checked out as fast as possible and practically ran to the car. 

I mean okay.
I get the whole annoyance with people wearing pjs to Walmart.
Really! I get it. 

But have I ever had nerve enough to tell anyone anything about what they've chosen to wear to WALMART??? The place that has a webside dedicated to much worse dressers than ME!??????
[] I mean come on now do I really belong on this website?

I'm sorry, 80% of shoppers this morning at Walmart were decked out in black and gold.
Maybe most of them paired their jerseys with jeans, but hey.
Cut me a break. 
I am no going anywhere else today. I will watch the parade at home on my tv with my 1 year old. I won't be in the dome where the energy is, I'll be at home by myself. I wanna wear these pants. 

I'm kind of proud of these pants, and did I mention that I was just going to WALMART???
Don't you kind of sign up to watch idiots walk around all day when you decide to work at WALMART?
Not that I'm an idiot, because I'm not, but I've seen a lot worse strollin' the women's underwear isle.
Just sayin'.

So my feelings we hurt, and the whole ride home I thought of a million and one things I could have/should have said to that nervy woman. 
Truth is, now I'm kind of laughing at the whole thing because I guess I do look a little silly, and the simple fact that I got my panties all in a bunch over a bitter WalMart worker is funny too.
I guess I should just be glad Philip wasn't with me.
[Assuming he'd come into public with me looking like this]
He'd have surely started a fight and involved management and all of that hooplah with me standing there in my black and gold and RED lobster cheeks. 

so uh, wanna see what I look like today?
Here I am, folks. 
What a disgrace. ...
so uh...
Go Saints!


  1. BOO on stupid Wal-Mart employees. I definitely would have complained because that is BS.

    p.s. I LOVE the rug you are standing on. I actually have the same one in my living room.

  2. You look adorable! Your only mistake was not walking directly to customer service to file a formal complaint for that employee verbally assaulting you.

  3. Well, I think oyu look so cute!!! I can't believe she had the nerve to do that. You really need to call their corp office and complain. A customer should NEVER be treated that way. So sorry that happened to you. :-(

    ~ The Speckled Dog

  4. Um...
    This has to be a joke. Seriously?!?! I think I would have spit in her face. ugh. She hates her life because she works at Walmart. She probably looks at the people on the peopleofwalmart website all day every day and she decided TODAY was the day she was going to confront one of the pj wearing people once and for all!

    Sorry, but my GOD!

    Oh, and you looked adorable and confortable!

    And, our rival teams are playing tonight so as much as I want to say I LOVE your outfits...i just can't.

    We are in our purple and gold and it would be a sin to tell you how cute Addie looks (okay she does but don't tell please, hubby will divorce me:)

  5. oh my gosh... i would have been mortified. i embarrass easily, which is probably why i don't leave the house in my PJ's--even though sometimes i really just don't want to wear jeans!!
    i can't believe it was a WORKER that made those comments! argh! my hubby probably would've gone to management too if it came down to it!... and i would've done the same thing on the car ride home--thinking up all of the comebacks. oh well... something to laugh about now, i suppose... but i think i would have a hard time going back to walmart after that (i know, i'm weird).

    and you look comfy... there are DEF worse dressers out there.. i have seen that people of walmart site! haha!

  6. I would've definitely told management. She gets paid to work not open her mouth. People are pretty crappy.

  7. you look ten times better than most people I run into at Walmart! I would have told that grouchy lady to kiss my ass :) or at least reported her to management....seriously. Great customer service skills she has!

    I think it's awesome that you're rocking the team gear! I'd do the same thing...except I'd have to root for the Colts :) Although, Brees is a I can't hate on them too bad!

  8. Oh HELL NO! Courtney, I want to go over to that Wal-Mart and beat somebody's ass for being that rude to you! How disgraceful!! Here you are, minding your own business, and you just get ATTACKED verbally by an EMPLOYEE?? I have been in the same situation where employees have been rude to me, and I was just so shocked that I couldn't come up with anything to say. (At McDonalds, the cashier just looked at me without greeting me or asking for my order, so I asked "Are you ready?" and she says "No, I'm just standing here for my health."

    But seriously, when I go to Walmart I feel like I am REQUIRED to make myself look like trash just to fit in. I am so mad ! How do that to my friend?

  9. That is complete crap! I agree with the other comment; that lady is paid to work at Wal-Mart, not give out rude comments to the customers who contribute to her paycheck! The nerve! I wish I was there with you, because I sure could have backfired! Oh, and management would have definitely been involved! Although, go you for being the better person, and walking away. I don't think I would have been the better person! LOL!

  10. Let me tell you something, you are beautiful no matter what you are wearing. Don't let anyone ever tell you any different! Screw her and her self righteous bs. Someones just jealous cause she has to work and is gonna miss the game. And shopping with Mother In Law? yes indeed! Did you get her name? Yes, give me a name, or tell me what time you were there and what department you were in, I'll have her head spinning so fast she won't know what hit her! Don't mess with my baby, cause I will get you back, and yes, you are still my baby!

  11. Are you kidding me?? She had the nerve to say that to you? You look like you are ready for game day. That is just BS!! Did you get her name? I am just blown away that she treated you like that!! Seriously who does she think she is? Wow. UNBELIEVABLE!

    Wow I am really angry over this. You look fine. F her.

  12. I think you look super comfy and adorable! I agree boo to the walmart lady... everyone is entitled to their own opinion, that doesn't mean they have to voice it though!

  13. How RUDE!! I can assure you I've looked much worse walking through walmart than you do in that outfit!!

  14. Please tell me you got this woman's name!? That is completely unnacceptable and she needs to be reported. I'm not being mean...but they do have some slow people that work there. Maybe it was someone with...problems?

    Still. That makes me mad.