Friday, September 10, 2010

Flashback Friday

I'm back to blogging regularly again!  [Um yea, so you've noticed]
Up until now reading too much makes me a little queasy, so I've been mostly just scanning entries and looking at pictures. 
Not no' mo' though.
Daddy's working, and I've had my fair share of television for life, so I'm back in the blogging routine, and well I wanted to flash back with Tia this Friday!
Since fall is starting to peak it's head out, at least in my head anyway, I'm just flashing back to last fall. 
This picture was taken exactly a year ago today. Look at those chubby, drooly, sweet cheeks. 
Mmmmmmmm my little baby. 
Hah, here's a random picture of a homemade chocolate and peanutbutter cake I made last fall. 
What? It was in the same album and it looks good. 
It was indeed good if I remember correctly.

Let's compare a year ago's baby to today's baby for sake of my dressing her already this morning:

Oh my little pumpkin!
Suddenly I'm in the mood for chocolate cake.

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  1. Ok now I am in the mood for chocolate. Darn it!!! But wow that cake looks so good. Droool.

    Welcome back to blogging regularly. :)

  2. She's changed so much in just a year. It's crazy but she only gets sweetest and prettier! That cake looks amazing I would love to sit down with you and share! I'm so happy your a blogging again it makes my days alot happier.

  3. What a change a year makes! Adorable outfits by the way :)

    And strangely i am craving some chocolate cake now too... hmmm wonder what that's all about..... *smiles*

  4. Shes grown sosososo much!!!!

    And oh how I want cake.

  5. I love those pics. They so remind me of Fall. I LOVE the skirt outfit. TOO cute.

  6. They sure grow up fast. So cute. Wahhhhh I looked at a little video of M today trying to flip over. I can't believe it's been a year already.

  7. Aww, look how big she is now. I want to kiss her cheeks:)
    Cake? Mmmmmmmm:)

  8. She is so freakin' cute! And I could def go for that chocolate peanut butter pie right now!

  9. i love how you make her clothes! too cute! i hope i have a girl so i can make cute skirts and dresses!!!