Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Difficulty of Finding a Name

It's hard to find a good boy name.
I mean, there are lots of names I like. No names that I love.... yet.

I love a classic, old-fashioned name, but on the other hand I like a unique name.
I don't want a million and one kids in town to have the same name as my kid, ya know?

For girl names old fashioned and unique kind of worked for me.
When I told people I was naming my daughter Adeline, most people said they'd never heard of the name, and one time an old man in the grocery store stopped dead in his tracks upon learning her name and said, "Adeline, that's a very beautiful name, I once knew a beautiful young lady named Adeline." The gaze in his eyes made my heart warm, and I imagined a scene from The Notebook as he kind of stared off into space as he walked away.

Boy old fashioned names aren't as capturing for me though.
There just too common for me, you know the Johnnys, Tommys, Jacks, Williams, Henrys...
it's not that I don't like the names, I just want something a lot less common, but with equal charm.

I thought Finley was perfect.
Classic, but not too popular (yet).
Philip down right refuses on that one.

You see he saw one episode of Glee [which omg by the way premieres tonight] , and refuses to even give the series a chance yet.
He saw Kirk's debut of 'Single Ladies' on the football field, and while I loved the performance Philip hated it.
Soooo he refuses to let me extract our son's name from Glee, which is where I got the idea.
I guess that's better because I'm sure I'm not the only mommy-to-be waiting to swipe that name! [or who knows maybe I was]

Philip however liked the name Dallas.
Uuuuummmm no.
I've never been to Dallas.
Our baby was not conceived in Dallas.
and Dallas just ain't for me, or better said my son.
Philip however thinks that's a rockstar name and that... well it rocks.

So we [kinda] agree to knock off Finley and Dallas.
and we [I] continue the tiring hunt for a stellar baby name.

Do you know that they have some pretty insane names out there?
There are websites dedicated to names inspired by everything under the son.
Names inspired by:
Harry Potter
Olympic Gold Winners
Comic Book Characters
Country Super Stars
and on
and on
and on....

Anyway, I have a long list of names that are okay, but every time I imagine calling my son one of them I no longer like them.
That or a name you like is associated with someone you know either in a good or bad way.

My friends and family usually hate the names I pick out, which I'm used to and it doesn't bother me, but sometimes when I get semi excited over maybe having a possibility the ugly faces result in a turn off.
I've got everyone who knows I'm name hunting sending/texting me boy names, and the more I get the more I don't like.
Isn't that awful?

For a day I liked Anderson with Andy for short.
I mainly liked it because I like the way Adeline and Anderson sound together as well as Addie and Andy.
Then my friend called and asked how Anderson was doing today [meaning the baby] and I immediately hated the name because I can't see my son being named Anderson.
It's not that I don't like the name, but I just don't like it for my son.
[Totally sorry if I'm offending any of you mom's with some of these names, I really like them for your sons!]

The baby's nursery is going to be done in a contemporary fish theme.
So then I got all brilliant and decided Fisher was a good name.
Then I thought about it.
and well... you see the pattern here.

I thought about Davey.
Considered Sullivan/Sully.
I liked Olliver/Ollie for a day.
and Toby was high on my list too.

Then I started thinking of songs for inspiration.
I found a whole lot of nothing there, and the ADD kicked in where I just started reminiscing about some of my favorite songs as a teenager or what not.
I remembered number 5 on an Emery album and how happy the song made me.
When Philip would pick me up from work he'd have the CD in and turned to that song, and I always got goosebumps.
That's a good name, right?
Yeaaaaaaaa Emery.
It makes me happy.
but my friends hate it, and someone told me it's more of a girl name.


Emerson then?
still a sweet reminder of good times and that's more masculine right?
Emerson hasn't gotten good reviews from my friends either, but to be honest I don't care.
I like Emery and Emerson both.
Adeline and Emerson, yea that's cool.
I don't know if I love them yet, but I like them a lot.
and that's progress, people.

oh my and then there's a whole middle name conflict.
I'm not even going to go there yet. One name at a time!


  1. Dallas is totally a rockstar name to me... mainly because thats the name of Underoath's original singer (now he is the singer for Maylene & the sons of disaster). I like the name... but I think it's getting popular. I feel like I hear it a lot.

    A friend of mine named her little boy Emery and it's really cute. I never would have thought of it as a girls name. (But hey, my name is DEVON so i don't have much room to talk). Emerson--Emery for short is cute!

    If we have a boy, we have our name picked out... family names. My grandpa and Cory's dad for first and middle. But we aren't telling! lol

  2. hehe finding a name is so fun, but so frustrating =o)

    my husband could NOT agree on any names ... we went through all of the baby books and asked friends for suggestions ... we even pulled out road maps looking at street names lol

    I loved the name Spencer and then Sterling ... huge NOs from the husband ... he also wanted his middle name to be our sons middle name ... I didn't like his middle name

    about a week or so before my son was born we finally agreed on a name (Tyler) and he got a double middle name (Austin-Michael)

    good luck with your search!!!

  3. I REALLY like Emery & Emerson. But I know what you mean by only liking names for about a day... We changed Clara's name about 3,562 times. :)

  4. Old fashioned names seem to be all the rage these days. Don't be surprised if you have a few Adelines or Emersons @ the school they attend. And I'm sure they'll have PLENTY Jacks too! Just because something is common, doesn't mean it isn't GREAT!

  5. I finally decided we weren't going to share potential names with friends and families because of the reaction we got. We went with Isaac - and I love his name. It's really low on the popular list, too. Other names we considered were Alexander, Victor, Eric, Richard... If that helps. Boy names are hard!

  6. Old fashioned, common or not, I appreciate a name with a story behind it. Something a little more than, "I just liked it".
    It's a hard balance to find. A cutie with a common name can sometimes breathe new life into the name for me. We know/know of tons of Jacks but two belong to close friends and they totally stand out. Good Luck!

  7. We were going to name Max Sebastien and when we decided Maxwell instead my husbands side loved it, and my side didn't. In fact I remember crying over it because I couldn't stand the thought of my mom hating the name Maxwell...my son. At that point he felt like a Maxwell to me, so I was devastated and told my husband I thought we should name him Sebastien again, and my husband said he really didn't want to anymore. My mom said that she thinks of her dog when she hears Max or Maxi Pad. Just the things I want to hear right? Anyway at first I was hurt and really upset, but I got over it real quick. He is totally a Max, I can't imagine any other name, and if anyone still doesn't like it tooo bad!!

    The name will come to you..it will. :)

  8. i really like emerson. its sounds smart! i also like the name oliver too! we luckily both agreed on corbin before i was even pregnant so we didnt have to worry about a boy name. a girls name however, will be a different story...

  9. What does Philip think about Emerson? I laughed when you said Philip flat out said "No" to one of the names. Jacob would definitely do something like that.

    I agree with what Lacey said, too. You never know, if the TGMC sign is any indication of what today's children are being named, I think classics like William and John, etc. will actually seem UNIQUE! LOL

  10. Courtney, go by you and Philip's choice! Not by other's! If I did that, I guarantee that Cy would not have the name he has! So many family members, and friends, grimaced when I said the name; even my parents. But that was his name regardless. I think Emerson is a good name. And even if you changed your mind about Anderson, you said you liked Andy; I think that is a good option too. It is not everyone else's child, don't let them influence you and Philip's choice!

  11. DO NOT LISTEN TO FRIENDS NOR FAMILY!!!! It's what mommy and daddy agree with and like! I love Anderson and Emery, my husbands best friend is named Emery. I think both those names are awesome! You need to go with what you like not with what others like, because I have learned that most people get really weird, even jealous when it comes to names and always seem to want to give the name of your child! psssh, I'll be naming my child THANK YOU! I think you should pick a name you two like and love and not tell anyone.

    My husband and I picked Clover, mainly because its a very old girls name and it's a wild flower.
    Not because we are cheesy Irish folks and we like 4 leaf clovers...lol. Most people we told, would squish their nose and say Clover? Really...YEP REALLY IT IS OUR DAUGHTER NOT YOURS.

    Now people constantly compliment her name and tell me how her name fits her perfectly. She definitely is our little wild flower.

    I truly believe they mold right into the name you pick for them and make that name even more than what it is. Don’t worry mama, you will figure it out.

  12. Here are the boy names we really liked.


    Those were are top 4.. its so hard naming your second I swear!

    Good Luck :)

  13. Emery is not feminine! I like it for a boy. Like Nen said, you can use it as a nick name for Emerson...both are cute.

    At least Philip is contributing some ideas! My hubs just shuts down my name choices but doesn't come up with any in return.

    Don't let other people influence the name you guys choose. As long as you don't name that boy something like Shitbrick, people will just deal with the choice that make you and Philip happy.

  14. How about the name Asher? It means happy. I love that name. I am also a fan of Sawyer.

  15. it is so hard to pick a boy name! it's a good thing we ended up having a girl, cause any boy would have been baby no name. of course after we thought of tons ;)