Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Fall!

I'm glad the first official day of fall is on a Thursday.
I love Thursdays. Thursdays are a day that just makes me want to take a deep breath and smile.

While it wasn't exactly the perfect picture of fall weather down here in South Louisiana today, my favorite season calls for a little something extra.
I'm still too nauseous to do much cooking or baking, so no sweet treats here [other than the Halloween candy I got from Target].

So I decided to take a walk.
In some stores....
That doesn't count as something fall-ish either, huh?
Oh well. I don't do much shopping anymore, so this was special enough.

Note to self--check the weather before you go out OR simply carry an umbrella, like you smart folk do.
I walked into Hobby Lobby and it was sunny and bright, not a cloud in the sky... only to check out, pick up my shopping cart, and hear the loudest crack of thunder accompanied with rain coming down at a furious rate.
So I spent 10-15 minutes waiting for the rain to slack off enough for me to be confident that I wouldn't bust my big ol' bum running across the parking lot. I was thankful my mother in law offered to keep Adeline for me while I ran into town. I hate loading/unloading baby in the rain. That = wet back/bum, and that's no fun.
I came home with a lot of little goodies, but my favorite was this monkey mask in the dollar bin at Target. I was sure Adeline would love it since "oouhh ouuhh ahhh ahhh" is her favorite animal sound to make. 
I was dead wrong. 
That child was terrified, and I'd have taken a picture of her reaction if I'd have had any clue of how horrified she was going to be when I put it on. 
All I could do is laugh hysterically while trying to hold her in between trying to mutter "It's okay, Mommy just looks like a monkey."
So I can't wear the mask, she can't wear the mask, but Gracie is allowed to be a monkey.
Whatever, it was funny. 

Oh, checking the mail was awesome today! 
Not a single bill, no junk, just this
I won this little baby beanie on a giveaway on Christopher and Tia's blog. Thanks Tia, and thanks Caprice Creations. Now my little boy will have a cute, warm head! :)

Speaking of my little mister:
The first belly is baby brother [still desperate for a name] today at 19 weeks, and the second belly is Adeline back at 19 weeks pregnant.
 So our first day of autumn is coming to a wrap, and while it wasn't filled with pumpkins or rusty leaves we did play a little ball outside.
It didn't feel very cool, but it's going to be nice to be able to hang out outdoors again.
I hope you all had a nice fall day!


  1. Congrats on winning the baby beanie!

    I have the worst luck when it comes to winning things! LOL

    Good luck on picking out names I'm sure everyone is throwing all kind of names out there for you to contemplate.


    I want one in my size! LOL

  2. that hat looks like a little candy corn! hehe

    you actually looked bigger with adeline at 19 weeks... but perhaps it's just the angle(?)

    ya know... one of my calendars says that today is the first day of fall.. and another says it was yesterday! haha.. who knows! i'm claiming it's today though!

  3. Too funny about the monkey mask. I was telling my students just yesterday about a gorilla mask my dad used to have, and my mom would have to completely hide it at the top of the linen closet because if I even saw it up there I would be scared.

  4. Wow! Cool hat! I'm so ready for fall now! Your blog looks all fall-e. Cute. Cute belly. Cute baby. Cute dog.

  5. congratulation son winning the beanie its cute.. im sure your little man will looking stunning in it.

  6. Your baby belly is adorable! We are exactly 2 and half weeks apart! I hear you about cooking... I get nausea cooking, as well..

  7. That is funny about the monkey mask. ;)

    Congrats on the win! That is so awesome, and it looks like candy corn kind of doesn't it?? I love it.