Tuesday, September 7, 2010


How was your Labor Day?
Mine was fantastic! 
For the second half of June, all of July, and all of August I stayed in my house with the exception of doctors/hospital visits, but yesterday I got out.

Getting out is still a risky thing for me because the heat makes me weak and faint and moving too much makes me puke and when I puke, I pee. Yea, so getting out is risking public humiliation. 

The risk was worth it! I hit a fine Labor Day sale at Hobby Lobby yesterday:
I've been in a sewing mood lately, so I'm anxious to use my fall[ish] fabric collection on those patterns. 
I'm thinking a dress, a tunic, and a couple of skirts will do nicely. 
I wanted to get a head start on making something during yesterday's nap time, which in hindsight would have been wise because little one took a long, hefty nap!
[Sleepy time pictures are just so worth the wake up risk...]
But instead of getting anything productive done I sat down and ate two bowls of ridiculously yummy cocoa puffs while "working" on the back of the box. 
Health food at it's finest, huh?

After my food settled and Squiggy woke up, I headed over to a friend's house for the rest of the day. That makes not one, but two outings, people.
Philip was freaking out when he called and learned that I was able get out of the house. 

I know it's a little short and slightly late, Sarah, but that was my Manic Monday Labor Day. :)
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Now as for today?
Today I have an enourmously insane amount of laundry to do. 
I'm talking serious laundry. 
That's never easy to do with a toddler who's new favorite game is dress up.
I'm hoping these wings will suffice so that my panties aren't swiped for scarves and socks aren't used for mittens and so on and so on. 
We'll see. 
Have a good day, ya'll!


  1. Your like me, i love sewing! I get such pleasure, when I'm done with whatever it is I'm sewing!

    the little dress up "fairy pic" is cute!

  2. Sounds like a great day!

    I LOVE cocoa puffs! I haven't had those in years. Maybe I will go get me some later. SOO healthy! LOL

  3. Those wings are so cute! What a cutie pie.

  4. What? You mean you don't LIKE peeing on yourself? When I was pregnant with Evelyn I peed on myself a lot. The worst was when I had my Bell's Palsy attack, but there were other times, towards the end, where I just couldn't control my bladder, and I'd pee myself standing in the kitchen doing dishes. EVERY time, I thought my water had broke, and then was horribly horribly embarrassed when I realized it was urine.


    YAYYYY for getting out!!!

  5. She's adorable. So is your blog :)


  6. I have so much fabric for things I want to make, but I haven't found the time yet. Then I'll see other people's blog with all their craftiness. I really need to make something soon.

    Love the wings. That is so fun. I can't wait for M to want to dress up like a pirate or something. Pirate= your fairy wings. :)

  7. i love that pic of her sleeping! so sweet!

    glad you were able to get out and about!

  8. I LOVE that top fabric, i seriously want to have a girl just for the things i could make! *smiles* I love my little men and they do make some cuteness for them... just not nearly as much!