Sunday, September 5, 2010

Saints Sewin'

We were never really football fans before we got married.
Football didn't quite fit the lifestyle back then.

But then when we were building our house, breaks were few and far between since we alone were literally responsible for building the entire thing. One couldn't rationalize taking a break for just anything, but a football game seemed an appropriate thing to turn in early for.

So we started watching our Saints, and I love them.
I love them because they're awesome and all, but I love the mostly because they brought my husband and I closer.

There's just a bond you get from hopping up and down screaming at the tv together.
It's just fun to watch football with him.
and then when they win....
oh when they win..... our traditional victory celebration is a must.  ;)
and it's just fun, okay.

So here we are 3 years later, and one of our favorite things to do is to watch a game as a family.
you put on your black and gold, cook lunch/dinner, and gather up on the couch for some hoopin' and hollerin'.
It's just fun.

Anyway, where am I going with this?
Oh yea.

Addie of course grew out of her Saints clothes from last season, so I had to get busy on her black and gold wardrobe for this season.

I made her a fleurdelis onesie using freezer paper stenciling, and then I made her a black tutu and a little Saint's skirt to go on underneath.

Then I realized I had enough fabric for something bigger.
Like pants.
Big pants.
Jammie pants.
for ME!

Except I'd never sewn pants, and had no pattern.
So I gave it a shot using another pair of pj pants as a basic pattern.

and it was a SUCCESS.

a surprising one....
since I don't sew very well at all, I usually don't do well when trying something for the first time.
but yayyy
I did it!
Now I can watch the boys in style and comfort.
Who dat!


  1. so cute! i had to go to work quick making stella a huskies onesie for the start of college season. next week it's a vikings one!

  2. nice!! pants can be kind of tricky if you've never sewn them before! looks like you did a good job!!

    (however, i prefer my black and gold to cheer on the Steelers... LOL!)

  3. So cute! And, I love the little skirt on her. I have a Chicago Bears snuggie that I totally wore to teh game last year. =) Haha... I have no shame. But, we can still be friends because the Bears are terrible. Very few victories for us. Darn.