Monday, October 25, 2010

Deep Breathing and Big Tee Shirts

Today has been a sort of break the rules kind of day.
You know, the rules you have for yourself and your day in your head that you feel totally icky if you don't abide by...

I'm not a "take it easy" kind of person, normally.
Today though, we took it easy.

Adeline woke up bright and early, and instead of running straight to the kitchen to fix her breakfast, put on her Mickey, and start the routine, I grabbed her and ran back into my bed. 
Of course I have a TV in my room, which came in handy here since it was Mickey time afterall, and we both knew she wasn't going back to sleep.
Between my morning puking, it was nice to just cuddle in bed and soak up her sweet morning smile. 

I've been struggling a lot lately with pregnancy, as I do.
I started having Braxton Hicks contractions about 4 weeks ago.
It worried me a little bit because I was only 19 weeks along, and I had never ever had or felt any throughout the entire 40 weeks of being pregnant the first go 'round. 

I read up and for the most part was comforted by most of my research stating that it was normal, and as long as they aren't frequent I should be in the clear.

Only they're getting to be a lot more frequent, and a little more uncomfortable.
I go to the doctor on Thursday, so we'll see what he has to say about that, but in the mean time I've been really, really making a concious effort to lay low around the house.

It's kind of hard for me to do, because I really enjoy being on the move and being productive. I rarely stay sitting, and always feel the need to fill any idle nap time with a project or cleaning. 
I have so much to do right now between catching up on the house work I slacked on this entire summer, preparing the baby nursery, getting my craft room organized, and getting started on Christmas projects.
I seriously have a notebook with an entire page filled up of projects and to-dos.
I've got to settle down some though.

So that's my current goal: keeping it chill.
In the spirit of my new calm essence, I decided that Adeline and I would indulge in a bubble bath.
I put lavender and vapor oils in the water, so it was really so relaxing [when she wasn't scooping up bubbles and blowing them in my face].
In my efforts to not lose my patience today, not chase her around after bath to diaper her cute nakey booty, and not leave the house in pursuit of the out of the blue nachos and cheese craving I was having, I really had a lot of thinking time today.

I am enjoying a lot of smiling today.
Lots of kissing, and lots of begging to give mommy a hug.
It's amazing what you can soak in when you just sit down and chill out for a while.
I highly recommend taking a long bath, putting on a giant tee shirt, and just letting go of responsibility for a day.

It feels kinda good! 
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  1. Awesome day. I love big tee's and PB&J kinda days. For us, those are now called Saturdays.

    Don't be worrying about that to-do list, just take care of that baby boy in there who now has a name. I love it. Mainly because it's different name. I've gone through life with a "unique" name and I think I made it ok.

    Keep it chill, dawg.

  2. That looks like a very nice day! There is something so soothing about just taking it easy.

    I hope your doctor's appointment goes well. That's a little scary.

  3. i am paranoid about braxton hicks... but we start child birthing classes on wednesday... so hopefully they'll tell me what to look for--i would have no idea and probably rush to the hospital!! i hope yours simmer down or at least that the doc can give you some pointers!

    i wish i liked bubble baths... but i would rather take a long shower! sounds like you're having a nice, relaxing kind of day! (even though you're still puking... that is awful!)

    i'm sure if you pace yourself, you'll be able to knock a lot of items off of your list before Christmas and the baby comes!

  4. Lovely, dear.
    Yeah--definitely rest up. Praying your doc appt goes well:)

  5. Everyone deserves a little R&R...think you very much deserve it also. There is no need to rush things and put your wonderful little baby in danger just chill out and enjoy life. Enjoy everyday you have with just Adeline before you have another one. Hope your dr. appt goes good and everything works out. I will be praying for y'all!

  6. Everyone deserves a day like that! I wish M would cuddle in bed with me, but he is up and out as soon as I try! Good luck with the appointment!

  7. a day worth remembering. your daughter is sooooo cute! haha. pregnancy was rough for me and then the last week she decided to be super chill...crazy child.

  8. Sounds like a great day to me!! I really need one of those "No responsability" days... sometimes wse just do too much hey and it is just so good to stop every now and then! Good luck at the doctors :)

  9. That sounds like a fantastic day! I know how hard it can be to relax, i had some early labor with Kiah and it really was a reminder that i needed to slow down and it paid off, he made it to 37 weeks.. The best part though is knowing that i had that time with Zeke before his little brother showed up, i wouldn't change my family for the world but having that precious time with just one baby is something you will look back on very fondly!