Saturday, October 23, 2010

& Baby Brother has a Name

After 5,498 names suggested, we've finally agreed on our boy name! 
It took a lot of time, patience, and praying to finally agree on a name, but I do believe this is it. I'm kind of glad too, because I was starting to wonder if he'd even be named when he makes his debut in a couple (really 3 1/2, but a couple sounds much sooner) of months.

This was the only name on my and Philip's list that neither one of us would take off the other's. 
We've thought about it for a while, suggested others, and even started saying it out loud as if we were fussing or cooing at him. 
(Normally it's when I say a name out loud over and over again when it gets ditched.)

My heart wasn't completely settled on it, but none of the other contenders were even close to being mutually liked. 
So yesterday while we were walking around the back yard, I was saying the name on a scale from a whisper to shouting. 
He immediately started kicking and flipping and moving all about, and that's when it felt right.

Later last night Adeline and I were cuddled up on the couch and I asked her "Can you say Gideon?"
She looked at me inquisitively as if I needed to repeat that strange word request. 
So I said, "Can you say baby Gideon?"
and she lifted up my shirt and rubbed my belly as she said, "Bayybee Gideedee".
and that's right, honey.

I texted Philip telling him that Gideon had grown on me, and I think that's the name, in which he responded "That doesn't sound bad at all."

So I'm flooded with relief and love for our little boy we've just named Gideon.
Philip chose Harry as his middle name honoring his late father.

Gideon Harry is the name.

and I don't care who doesn't like it. 


  1. Awesome Courtney! Very unique & different! Great choice! With what you've said in your blog, I do believe that is THE name! :) It suits him well.

  2. I don't know about anyone else but I love it! It's worldly, strong, biblical and unique! As for middle names, I vote for Christopher but I am kinda partial to that name!

  3. that is an excellent name! All my kids have bible names! :)

  4. What a great name!! I love it! I love biblical names! (hence my Ezekiel & Hezekiah! :)

  5. Cute belly pic, adorable shirt, and I LOVE the name. Awesome:)

  6. It's a profound name. Awesome Possum of a choice :]

  7. I love how unique it is!!!

    We find out the sex on Wednesday...if its a girl, I don't know that we will ever decide on a name!

  8. Love the name super cute & strong!

  9. very sweet! i don't think people will like our names once they are revealed... but like you said.. who cares! it will fit him perfectly, especially as soon as you see his precious face!! hard to believe our little ones are coming soon!!!

  10. I think the name is amazing! Great choice! Sounds great with Adeline to!

  11. Very cool! Glad you finally found one you both liked. It's also sweet that you guys are honoring Philip's dad with the middle name.

  12. I LOVE the name! It's unique without being bizarre, which is what I always go for in a name :)

  13. I love it...but like you said it doesn't even matter if I love it because YOU both love it!! Yay for baby Gideon! :)

  14. GREAT name! I love names that have meaning and biblical names are great as well! I am blog hopping today. Hope you stop by any or all of my blogs to say hello. My family blog is at and you can find a list of my other blogs as well if your interested. A follow on my blog is also welcomed! Have a blessed Tuesday!!

  15. i love love the name!

    and your new fall header is adorable!