Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fav Things Thursday

I just thought I'd take a moment to share a few of the things that have made my week sweeter. 
Other than the obvious, like well you know my baby, and my dog, and duh my awesome husband....
We have the ultra sweet
We both upgraded from little go phone to mac daddy of the phones, and we love it!
We're psyched about the video chat for when Philip's at work, but for now we're enjoying the wonderful world of apps from baby names, to toddler learning games, to jumping frogs collecting coins. 
Haha, I really like the touch screen upgrade from my old texting too. 
 Our marriage bible study has been in the Pray Like Jesus series for a few months now. They meet once a month for bible study, but we missed a couple of months over the summer since I was so sick. Philip and I have the podcasts of Pray Like Jesus by Pastor Mark Driscoll and have been catching up this week on all of the lessons. This series is AMAZING, and I love the message! It's really nice to be able to listen and learn together.
This movie makes my heart melt, and I'm so happy to share it with my little girl. Especially since I got $10 off the combo pack, thanks Alison! Adeline's favorite characters are the tea pots, since she's into tea parties and actual tea right now. Philip likes this movie too because Adeline thinks the Beast is Daddy. I wouldn't have taken that as a compliment, but his reply is, "That's right, baby, Daddy's a BEAST!"
I haven't had much of an appetite lately, at all. In fact for most meals I usually can only stomach this. It'll be old in a few days I'm sure, but for now I cannot get enough! Yummm
My kid loves shoes. I mean- loves shoes. I made my first mistake by even strolling down the toddler girl's shoe isle at Target this week. She HAD to have THIS pair. My second mistake was trying on the size 6s to see how they fit. She refused to let me take them off and proceeded to throw her other shoes she'd worn to the store out of the shopping cart. Every outfit, ever since, is not complete without these shoes. How can that not make me smile?

Uhhhhh I hate this stuff. Actually, I hate heartburn even more, and since this works against that I guess I like it. Heartburn is only reason #497 that I hate being pregnant, but these gross little chewable tablets that my daughter thinks is candy I won't give her make it tolerable. 

What are you diggin' this week?


  1. cute shoes!

    right now i am loving the fiber one shredded wheat... YUM! nothing is tasting good to me right now except for that cereal and soft pretzels... but i am trying to eat healthy regardless of taste!

    i have never tried maalox (sp?)... i am a mylanta person. it's a mild flavor so i can tolerate it! tums are just HORRID!!!!

  2. I LOVE the shoes and I tried to get the disney coupon but it said I already had an account. Sad face. However, I'm going to go get that movie for Clara anyways!! :)

  3. 1--cute red shoes:)

    2--I love Mark Driscoll. I mean, his teachings are amazing.
    So far my sis and I have been exploring their YouTube.... a friend told us about his sermon Men & Marriage. Wowza. Like, really? No other word but amazing.

  4. Every girl needs a pair of those shoes. I had a pair, but we made mine. Back then they didn't have them for sale yet. My mom glued the glitter on, and one night when it rained all the glitter went with the rain. Whenever I think of that now, I smile.

    I gotta get Beauty and the Beast too.

    I have the iphone 3g, and let me tell you... yours is better because you can take a picture while looking at the screen. Do you know how many pictures I take of M and I over and over trying to not chop our heads off with my arm out. I wish they had that on my phone. I didn't even realize this until I looked at one while paying my bill two weeks ago. So bummed. Enjoy that feature!! :)