Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Adeline's First Trip to the Zoo [Photo Overload]

We're not quite sure when Philip will be going back to work, so the zoo was at the top of this month's priority list.
I wanted to go when the weather was cool, before Adeline is potty fully potty trained [I know.], and when of course I was feeling alright to walk 4057 miles around a huge park.

All was a go yesterday morning so we made an impromptu desision to hit the road and give it a go.

The weather was perfect.
The trip was awesome, and we had so much fun.

I'm wobbling like a duck and my hips are still sore, but it was so worth the big smiles I got to watch yesterday!

The sheep and goats were a favorite. They were all so cute and patient, and with Adeline being used to Gracie she wasn't scared at all. In fact when it comes to all of the animals she was pretty over all fearless, which was something I was kind of proud of and worried for simultaneously, haha.
 Turtle got to meet a lot of his fellow family members. Long distant turtle cousins of all kinds. That was another sweet favorite! Adeline had to introduce turtle to all of his kind, and here he is kissing a turtle in a tank.

Anyway, I have 233 photos from the zoo, and I could go on showing them all, but I realize that could be annoying for you and tedious for me so these are some of my favorites.

We spent 4 and a half hours walking around 72 degree weather and watching our daughter go from amazement to exhaustion.


  1. Looks like y'all had an amazing family day! I LOVE THE AQUARIUM AND ZOO! I always tell Jason if we ever decide to move before having children we must be close to either a zoo or aquarium. We will be there often! I think it's great and educational for children to learn about different animals. She will greatly appreciate it when she gets older I promise! Y'all are so amazing!

  2. I love the zoo! So glad ya'll had a great time! We might go this weekend....

  3. So much fun! I wish we had a zoo close by, that looks like a great day! And you got some really great shots also!

  4. You friggin cutie pies:) What a beautiful day!

  5. so glad you all had a great time! i love love love adeline's little outfit! and that giraffe pic!!!

  6. i love the goats in the bowls! and the pic of the lion tongue... what a lucky shot! and the giraffes! ok... so all of the pics were great!!!! glad you had a nice time!!!

  7. Looks like a perfect day. I love all of your photos. That white tiger is amazing, and of course I love the elephant. :)

    I've been thinking about going to the zoo a lot lately. Soon I think. So so fun.