Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fav Things Thursday

Thursday is normally my favorite day of the week but not this Thursday.
Philip went to work today, and I remember handling him leaving a lot better before I was pregnant. 
I puke [mostly because I do that anyway, not just because he's leaving], cry my eyes out, blow my runny nose too many times, cry some more, and hang all over him up until the very last minute of him walking out the door. 
Last night before bed was a little sweeter than most nights. 

He normally waits until the very last minute to pack, and keeping his rhythm he headed to Walmart for a late night last minute pick up of toiletries for work. I was aggravated he didn't tell me that he needed to go sometime during the day when I felt better and could have gone, but he took the baby and let me get some rest since I'd been sick all evening so I really couldn't complain. He came home, fixed baby some juice, unloaded what he bought, and then walked into the living room wearing this:
I really don't know why I think it's so funny, but I couldn't stop laughing, which is something I needed last night. I mean really, a camo Snuggie?

My Old Navy Visa is next up on my favorite list this week. I love the perks of being a card holder! It's like I get all of Adeline's clothes for free! I charge things on the card throughout the month, pay it off at the end, and then I get reward gift cards adding up to enough for Adeline to get a new outfit or two a month. 
This week they sent me a cardholder's promo of buy any adult item and get a kids' item free. 
So, I got some new shirts [that Philip thinks I look like a hobo in], and Adeline got cute a new dress, skirt, thermal shirt, and jacket for free

Two of my new picks make it on my favorites list too, but not on Philip's. He said I looked like a pregnant hobo in them, which is kinda true. See I'm a busy mom of a busy toddler carrying a very busy baby too. Most days I'm not trying to reinvent myself into my past fashion[confused]ista. Most days I'm in what's comfortable and functional, and these shirts are both. They fit now with the belly, and as it gets bigger, I just unbutton the buttons and wear a tank underneath. THEN my favorite part is the easy access once I'm breastfeeding again. That really is mostly why I bought these shirts, well aware that even my husband didn't think they were very snazy.

Bath and Body Works has a mint lip glass that I love. I put it on my lips and get a genuine refreshed feeling of minty tingles and even a little color on my mostly pale lips. I feel good, and I feel like I'm making some make-up effort, which is very unusual for me these days. I can't get enough of this stuff!
This book is not my favorite. It is a Christmas gift for Philip's step dad though, and I've got half of my Christmas shopping done, which is a favorite. Anyway, back to the book. I ordered it through a book store on Amazon last week for Philip's step dad. It was a major score in my mind because he's always the hardest person to buy for every Christmas aside from my MIL. He's really into building bird houses, so my genius brain clicked and thought he'd love a book with some fancy plans. I shopped around, and although this book was a little more than I had budgeted to spend, I found it had the best content, so I bought it. 

I was not happy when it came in. The price on the book jacket was $12 cheaper than what I paid subtotal for it, and I hate feeling like I got duped, which I did. I mean really, a twelve dollar mark up on the price on the jacket that I cannot hide from the person I'm giving the gift too. I mean if he has to know what I spent, then he should know I spent $12 more than that the cover claims I did, right? 
That and the book was supposed to be brand new, which it seems to be inside, but the outside corners are marked and scuffed and the book jacket had scratches and was bent along the entire bottom corner. 

Does it seem silly to you that I'm even writing about it?
It wasn't silly to me because I finally got an oppurtunity to unload on someone. 
I've been a little more than aggravated with a few people here and there this last month, and I've been more than tempted to give each one of them a hefty piece of my hormonal mind. 
I used my better judgement, took a deep breath, and let it go. Every time. 
So finally I had the chance to verbally lash out at someone who deserved it, and wouldn't cause me any extra grief of knowing I'd hurt someone else's feelings. 
So, my seller feedback on amazon this week was a favorite on my list. 
So was the email I sent the buyer.

 and perhaps my most favorite thing this week:
this picture. First of all my puffy face isn't in it, and that's always awesome, but that smile is enough to take my breath away and give me my own 10inch smile across my swollen face. The feeling I get from this picture...
it's just that feeling of being a kid and laughing and being able to fly knowing Mommy and Daddy won't let you fall. I love my little Squiggy, and I love the family we've created even more.

What's your favs this week?


  1. oh my goodness... i hope you got that book situation taken care of! what a rip!!!

    that old navy card thing sounds pretty sweet... unfortunately, i don't go there too often. i can't even remember the last time i did! (there isn't one in my town) i do need to find some button up shirts though. i swear, maternity button ups are like $30! no way am i paying that!

    LOVE the picture!!!

  2. Oh my gosh...I love that picture so so much! Also, the camo thing made me smile too...that's way cute.

  3. I've missed these posts!! YEAH! I love loooove old navy! We were just there yesterday and they have such cute stuff:) Dumb amazon seller. Sweet little nugget of goodness your daughter is:)

  4. Oh, I love your favorites. Especially that last one! I believe you just read my faves. You're one of them!

  5. I laughed to myself picturing Philip in his Snuggie that he bought for himself.

  6. Ha! Awesome snuggie:)

    I love the lipgloss. I have some like it:)

  7. Oh my gosh, that last picture is adorable. That smile is killing me.

  8. i want that snuggie! lol

    ~ash's mum

  9. Whatever, your puffy face is gorgeous.

    But yes, the black and white photo at the bottom is beyond words perfect.

  10. Wow I would be really pissed about the book too. Is it bad that I want to know what your email said? Hahaha. I'm so nosey.

    I love that tingle you get with chapsticks and lipgloss. I gotta look into that one.

    Cute photo...btw I have that same top you are wearing. ;)

  11. Awww, I'm sorry your hubby went back to work! Lane works 24 hour shifts so he is gone most nights too, but you are SO strong to be able to go weeks in a row.