Friday, October 22, 2010

Sewin' it Up

When Philip's at work meetings or working out at the gym, I consider that excellent time for getting something crafty done. My craft room is currently a complete tornado after-scene,  so I've been more into sewing lately since my machine is sitting pretty on the kitchen table right where it doesn't belong.

I just wanted to share some of my latest projects.

This is an easy apron I made for my friend's bridal shower.
This one's a little pup purse/trick or treat bag to go along with Adeline's Halloween costume/pjs

This is a little gift set I made for my friend's baby shower gift. It's got a little freezer paper stenciled onesie with a ruffle booty, 2 reversible burp cloths, and a reversible bib.

I have a couple of other fun sewing projects in the works, but they've been put on hold due to some really intense nesting instincts I've been having.

I have so many baby crafts I need to get done too.
I have to make a carseat cover, crib sheets, a quilt, nursery curtains, a boppy cover.....
oh my....
I wish I wouldn't have had all of Addie's things in girly florals and polka dots.

Any hoo, my weekend looks like it's going to be full of cleaning, organizing, and maybe a little crafting.
I hope you all have a good one. ;)


  1. I love it all. The apron is so adorable. And, the baby shower gift is genius. I really wish I'd get my rear in gear and start sewing again. I've been slacking.

  2. Ohmaword. You've been sewing awesomely:)
    Aaadorable, dear!

  3. awesome stuff! so crafty! you are more brave than I! I'm totally not going to attempt to make any crib sheets, covers, etc.... I think it'd overwhelm me too much!!

  4. I love how you can just whip up all this gorgeous stuff. I absolutely adore the stuff for the baby shower. The patterns are so pretty.

  5. Super, super cute!

    Stopping by from Making the World Cuter!

    Happy Monday!