Friday, October 1, 2010

Lame Night.

I'm pretty grouchy right now.
Because last night was the worst night of sleep in my life.
Seriously, and I've had some rough nights before.
You know those newborn days where your infant is up ever hour and a half on the dot and then stays up nursing for 45 minutes-hour only to reawaken on her hour and a half interval? [if you had an angel who slept well, just agree with me for your safety] You know the nights where your husband is laying next to you in a sweet slumber and you are looking at the dog and crying softly to yourself in jealousy that some people can sleep whenever they want to?
Yea last night sucked even more than that.

I haven't been back into public for even 2 weeks yet, and of course where there is public there is germs.
I happen to either have a really stupid imune system that I passed down to my daughter, or really unfortunate luck.
See, we're the people who sneeze in our elbows as opposed to our hands, sanitize shopping carts THEN put a cover on them, wash our hands constantly, put anti bacterial lotion on like we're greasing up for a frying pan....  you know.... extra germ precautions are regular here.

but it takes ONE time of passing by someone who coughed out in the open
ONE time of getting a visiter who didn't mention he was sick until he'd already hugged all over your baby
ONE time of your toddler touching something I haven't been able to clean yet and then sucking her thumb immediately after.

Yea Adeline and I have a head cold.
Now Philip has it too.

and that made last night SUCK even more.

8:30- I'm tired and Philip's headed off to the gym so I'm going to be early.
8:40- If I don't eat something now I'll wake up in 2 hours to throw up (weird logic I know, but I'm on a eat ever 2 hour diet and it's a pain in the you know what)
8:45- Bowl of frosted mini wheats=check
8:50- Check on snoring baby and feel sorry that she can't breath from her nose. (Secretly hope I don't have the same problem tonight)
8:55-I just blew my nose so hard that my hears popped and I can't get them to pop back. ANNOYING!
9:00- I give up, I'm going to bed.
9:30-Well that was a short nap, I have to pee now. Pee with out turning the lights on so that my eyes stay sleepy enough to sleep. Get back in bed, fall back asleep-score!
10:00- Philip's home from the gym, and you want to what?
10:15-Well now I'm not tired anymore.
10:20-Back to sleep
11:00- Where's my leg pillow? My hips are killing me! Untangle pillow from the sheets and back to sleep
11:30-Is that..? Oh Adeline's awake. Great.
12:00-I'm so tired, my mouth is so dry from my nose being stuffed up, my ears itch, and if I wipe my nose one more time the skin may come off.
12:10- How is it that I have a whole foot of space on this bed when Philip and the dang Labradoodle are spooning and enjoying all of the covers and bed. Oh well.
1:30-Don't you know I have to pee again. WHERE'S THE TOILET PAPER? Apparently somewhere along the lines I took it to bed with me. Lovely.
2:30-My alarm clock is blaring and WILL NOT SHUT OFF. The fan stops, and the house is dark. The electricity apparently went off and my alarm clock wouldn't stop until Philip ripped the battery off.
2:45-I'm paranoid and a little crazy so at this point I wonder if robbers cut off our electricity to come and rob and kill us. [I know, I know.] 
3:00-It is WAY to quiet to sleep, so I pass time blowing my nose.
3:05- Entergy said the power will be restored by 4:15.
3:30-Peee ppeeeeee peeeeeeeeeeeee
3:35-Extra strength Tylenol for my throbbing head, and peach tea for my dry throat
3:45-Powers back on=back to sleep, yay
4:15-Seriously I'm so over this peeing all night thing.
5:00-Switch sides my right side is numb.
5:01-I switched sides too fast, I'm going to puke.
5:15-Back to bed
6:00- "Mommmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Mommmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???"
6:01-"Accidentally" kick Philip and he wakes up.
6:02-Me "Me-I sure did have the worse night of sleep, ever in my life."
6:03-Philip "That sucks."..... and he resumes his sweet dreams.

I think I'm going to go kick him out of bed and take a nap before my mood destroys the day.


  1. I feel ya. We are all really sick here too, and not sleeping doesn't help. I've been taking Tylenol PM to help me get some better sleep in so that I can heal!

  2. knock on wood... i haven't gotten sick... but i feel your pain. i am up every hour to pee!!!! i am a back sleeper and since i've been getting more of a belly, i try to sleep on my side. i think it just squeezes my bladder. last night i actually slept FOUR hours IN A ROW! *gasp!!!* i used a pillow to prop up part of my right side so i was "sleeping on my back" but not putting pressure on that darn nerve (which makes me nauseous)... and it was glorious sleep! until i had to get up to pee, of course. i am crossing my fingers that i can sleep like this more often! i hope you can get some relief... sleep-wise and cold-wise!! get some lotion tissues for your nose!

  3. Okay Courtney I know I shouldn't laugh...but seriously hahahaha ...I'm SO sorry you had that horrible of a night but you truly wrote the details so well! I laughed out loud out the whole "philip returning home from the gym" section. Too cute. And, if you need too...I took a sleep aid a few nights with Clara towards the end and it was the BEST sleep of my life and she's healthy as a horse so just a suggestion. :)

  4. Ugh. Mine was rough too but only because the electricity was out here too. Chris and Juli slept pretty well through the 3 hours of fan, no noise maker, no bathroom light giving a soft comforting glow means no sleep. Hope you guys feel better soon!

  5. Courtney, that sounds TERRIBLE!

    When I get sleep deprived, I have total breakdowns. I had one in the hospital, after I had Evelyn. It was so bad, and I became SO crazy, that the nurse had to kick everyone out, including my family, close the blinds, put a "nobody enters this room before seeing the nurse first" sign on the door, and sedate me. It was ridiculous. But I felt SOOO much better after I slept.

    And then I had another breakdown last week. Which was... sucky.

    I hope you're feeling better soon. Stupid germs.

    We sanitize a lot too.

    Well, Charlie likes to eat everything. Like... pinecones with bird shit on them, so sometimes I wonder why I even bother.

    And I'm pretty sure I've eaten an entires diaper worth of baby poop by now, since I can never seen to remember to wash my dang hands after I change diapers anymore.

    Longest comment ever.


  6. I think the cold is going around because M and I both had it 2 weeks ago. I feel for you, it's not fun especially when pregnant! Feel better!

  7. So sorry about a lame night, but your blog is adorable! :)

    Liesl :)