Monday, October 4, 2010

Our Monday Lunch Date

This weekend had all the potential in the world, but all in all it fell flat.
I really just felt bad for most of it, although the weather was perfect, and we had a million fun things to do.

My hyperemisis has been flared up again, and I've been having a hard time getting around without getting myself too sick. On top of that, Adeline and I had an aweful head cold that made everything feel even worse.
Sunday was terrible, although Addie and I both got a 3 hour nap, then went to bed early on top of that!
It was sweet!

Anyway, this Monday morning I was insistent on getting a pumpkin from a pumpkin patch.
Philip wasn't too hot on the idea.
Our conversation on that:
He said, "Man I don't wanna fool with pumpkins today."
Me, "and why not?"
Philip, "Every year when it comes time to do pumpkins you sing that stupid pumpkin song all day long. That's the most annoying song ever."
and that was where I was instantly reminded of the pumpkin song and happily sang it all day for him anyway.
[The pumpkin song is a long repetitive song on how a pumpkin gets turned into a jack-o-lantern. We danced to this song every fall in my dancing classes as a kid, and even though Daddy doesn't like it I'm sure Adeline does!]

Too bad the most local pumpkin patch is an hour away, and even the faux pumpkin patches around here weren't open until OCTOBER 10th?!! So, we didn't end up with a pumpkin, because instead of buying one at a local store like we usually do I kind of want to drive to a patch and pick one. So we'll try that when I'm feeling a little better.

We headed over to a little antique store/cafe for lunch instead.
We all felt like grown ups there because:
One of us got to sit in a big girl chair and drink her apple juice from a coffee cup.
One of us got to enjoy some hot, fresh coffee since his slacker wifey doesn't ever make him any at home.
and one of us got to shake things up by having a panini for lunch instead of a bowl of cereal which has been my every single meal for the weekend since I've been sick.
Oh and let me tell you what I had to drink! A lemonade frozen drink mixed with unsweet tea.
The combination may not be genius to most, but it was sure complicated for the staff. They acted as if I was asking them to make some chemistry combo that could blow up the cafe, but OH it was SOO good!
Unfortunately it's all I can think about now, and I want more, more MORE!

It was a nice, quiet little family lunch until Squiggy heard a big truck ("herrdbigtruch") outside and got herself escorted out for being loud and rude.
I thought that might explain why this great photo was messed up with a tear and a little snot.
Ain't no thang though, this stellar fountain had some kind of magic to it, because it fascinated her long enough for Daddy to finish his lunch and get mine to go.

It's funny how even a technically unsuccessful lunch date feels like it went so well now.
Before Adeline, Philip and I were always out and about together.
It was so easy to just get up and go, and then be there without getting dirty looks because of a sweet and sassy baby screaming "Hey Lady, BOO!" at strangers as they pass by. [Men too.]

As much as I love the 3 of us now, I can't wait to have my family complete with baby boy [who still remains nameless, unless you ask my daughter who thinks "Shoe Shoe Daddy" is an appropriate name.]

I'm 20 weeks as of Friday!

That means I'm half way there.
20 more weeks until I never have to be pregnant again.
and of course 20 more weeks until I get to meet our next little blessing.
It can't some soon enough.
Well... I guess it can because I'm really not prepared at the moment.

I still have so much to get and so much to do, and I just wish I could get on my feet with feeling good enough to do it all!
Sometimes I just feel like a useless piece of luggage carrying some precious treasure inside.

Like today, when Philip made me laugh while I had a piece of popcorn in my mouth.
Yea I just stuck it in there, and when I laughed it went directly down my throat and kind of stuck there for a moment.
I'm freaking out because I couldn't really breathe in or out, and my husband's response was
"Please don't die yet you've got my baby in your belly."
Um, thanks honey, I'll perform the Heimlich on myself.

Don't worry everyone, the popcorn went down, and air eventually was able to too.
and the Heimlich wasn't even needed.

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  1. oh man... that sandwich looks GOOD!! reallllly good!

    ugh... you look pregnant... i just look chubby!

  2. What a day! I laughed at the "hey lady boo" it will be hilarious when she gets older and you can tell her about it :)
    Congrats on the almost 20week mark! So close!! Hope the rest flies by for you, but not so fast that you don't get everything done!

  3. Oh. My. Word.
    That sandwich.

    Cute belly. Too bad pregnancy doesn't agree with you.... :P
    Lovely day with the fam! <3

  4. Love me some Demitasse!
    Lookin good Mama!

  5. Yesssss! 20 weeks! You're so halfway there. Crazy how sloooowwww the 2nd half can be, but... after its gone, you look back and think how crazy FAST it really was.

  6. Okay you are going to hate my post tomorrow if you are dying for a pumpkin patch pumpkin.

    So can you please do a video of the pumpkin song? I'm dying to hear how it goes. Hahaha.

    Your lunch looks really good, but glad you have a great attitude about being interrupted. ;)

    Happy half way there.

  7. this was such a fun post to read, you made me laugh several times :) love the conversation at the top! haha sounds like my hub. Congrats on being 20 weeks!

  8. Ohmygosh. She looks so grown up!! How is this happening so fast?! What a sweet little day you had:)

  9. Oh what a pretty belly! and I love HEY LADY BOO! hahaha, so cute!

  10. I want that sandwich... YUM!!
    YOu have a very cute 20 week bump :)