Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Baby Boy

Last week I dreamed that Gideon was born, and he was laying on my chest as Philip and I were talking to him and loving on him. In my dream Philip kept calling the baby "Philip" when he'd talk to him. I know he didn't want his son to take his name, so I was confused. Finally I asked, "I thought you wanted to name the baby.....???" and then panic set in because I couldn't remember our son's name. 

I literally woke up with my adrenalin pumping as if I were having a real nightmare, and in my conscious state of mind I was able to settle down remembering that his name is Gideon.


It wasn't until I settled back in bed that I realized the whole time we were playing with our new baby in my dream, that his sweet little face was a little different.

I dreamed our son had down syndrome.

and we didn't even care.

and I wouldn't care! 
These are God's plans for me-for us, not mine. 
I love Him, and trust Him and whatever he blesses and challenges us with, I am thankful!

[26 weeks]
For my first pregnancy I couldn't wait until birth day for the obvious reasons, but part of me was a little nervous to go where I hadn't ever been.

Well I've been there, I am there, and it's amazing

Now I can't wait until birth day, still for the obvious reasons, but mostly because our little family will be complete. No more in the works, just Philip, Adeline, Gideon, and me. Gracie too, of course, if you want to count the Labradoodle ;)

Can't you tell I'm getting impatiently excited about this baby coming?
Because I am.


  1. He will be here before you know it!!

    I can relate to the feelings about the birth. Mine are quite different this time around - more excitement and less apprehension!!

  2. Hey lovely lady ... look at you looking so stunning!! Before you know it this sweet little boy will be in your arms and you will be memorizing his sweet little face that you have dreamed about. Praying for you as your time comes near. Much love to you.

  3. hmmmm... i thought you were 2 weeks behind me... but you must be 3. i'm 29... you're 26.

    of course, you must include gracie! :)

  4. You have the cutest belly! I am so excited for your little boy! He is going to be precious! We are getting close to the final stretch.... 14 more weeks for you! 16 for me! Wahoo! I am ready to meet the babies!

  5. Ah! he's gonna be here soon enough:)
    Time is flying by.
    Way too fast, I might add.
    Love the belly:)

  6. i think you look great!! they say that women who've been pregnant before tend to get bigger quicker than first timers b/c their bodies are already stretched out from before! i'm sure you're quite normal! also, i wouldn't be surprised if we were to stand next to each other, if we were actually closer in size than it looks in my pic. camera angles can be deceiving!! :)