Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Handy Addie

This one's for you, Daddy!
Apparently the bar stools needed to be fixed this morning, and we're lucky that Adeline's handy!

I thought that might make you proud!
Love Love!!


  1. Oh, precious! Those tools are the best. We have the same set. Handy Manny is so cute! Adeline is cuter though! ;-)

  2. That is toooo cute! I love when our kiddos are able to "help" us. :)

    Also, thank you for your sweet comment yesterday. I've been MIA the last couple weeks but I'm hoping to catch up on all your recent posts today! :)

  3. Haha, that is so sweet:)
    Gosh, she's getting big! aww:)

  4. So cute!

    It's good she fixed that for you. What a responsible kiddo!