Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fav Things Thursday

I skipped my favorite things last week.

That's okay, I've got a bunch this week!
Aren't these cute? Adeline's Paran's fiance Erica [got all that?] bought those cutie pie shoes and that adorably warm sleeper for baby Gideon. She's such a doll and incredibly sweet, not to mention she could be my new best friend for actually liking the name we picked out for him, since it's proving to be more unpopular with our friends and family. Anyway, love the gift! Such a sweety!!

This Willow Tree Nativity Set is so elegant and lovely, I just ordered it for my mantle. I don't have a nativity set of my own, and I've been holding out for just the right set. I love Willow Tree, so when I realized they had this set, I snagged it up. It's my favorite new Christmas decoration.

My brand spanking new ice pack is such a savior lately. I know I complain about pregnancy a lot, although I really try not to because I understand what a blessing it is. But between the nausea and the constant pain and fatigue, my body just doesn't wear pregnancy well. My chiropractor recently gave me an ice pack for my back, and while it's a simple and "duh" kind of thing, it never even crossed my mind to use one. I L.O.V.E. it!
Seriously, when my back hurts I run to the freezer and pull it out with a whole lot of giddy happy dancing as I plop down on the sofa and relax with it behind my back. Doctor's orders, really. ;)

These are the beautiful fabrics I've selected for Gideon's nursery blanket. I'm going to attempt to make some sort of quilt thing, although I've never made anything like it before so who knows how it will come out. I was thinking of cutting squares in these fabrics, doing some patch work on one side, and then getting a silver minky fabric for the other side. Or maybe white. We'll see, I've got a few other projects until I'm going to tackle this one. I'm excited though! :)

These are my new favorite shoes. I'd say they're my favorite boots, but they're my only boots. SO comfortable and so versatile. I picked them up from Old Navy this week for just a few dollars after saving up my rewards. I lovah-love them and wear them almost every day. With jeans and a tee shirt or even just a jammies around the house. Loooove! 
I have a weakness for Christmas scrapbook paper. Really. 
I can't help myself. This is my new favorite collection since it's got a vintage theme going on. I've been playing with it all week!!!

I found this lovely headband on Etsy, and isn't it darling? It's perhaps my favorite Etsy find this week, and while I didn't buy it, I think I'm going to attempt to make something similar. I just love it, although I have a feeling it probably looks much cuter and more appropriate on this pretty model's head than it would on mine. 

...and this week, these are a few of my favorite things!


  1. Love all those things. I have something similar to Gideon's sleeper, but in brown, for my Little Bear.
    By the way, Gideon is an awesome name. It was one of my top five for my son. :D
    Also, I'm in LOVE LOVE LOVE with that headband. You should totally make one. :D

  2. Such pretty things! It's such fun being a girl hey :) I love the fabrics you chose. I'm sure your quilt will come out beautifully.

  3. with all of my aches and pains... i don't think i could bring myself to use an ice pack!! BRRRRR!!! maybe a heating pad!

    love the fabrics for the blanket!