Friday, November 12, 2010

Big Sister in Training

Who would have ever thought my little tiny baby would go from swinging peacefully in her little baby swing...
to very soon swinging a little baby brother.
Gideon's nursery is the top spot as far as hanging out goes in this house. Adeline's all about playing in "Baby G's" room. She's aware that's his dresser, and now it's his jumperoo, swing, bath tub, and rocker... but I really think she has no clue what's in store for our future! I can only hope for a smooth transition, although I think I know better.
In the meantime, Mickey and Turtle are getting some high class treatment! 


  1. i'm sure it will be quite an adjustment... but hopefully it will go smooth!

  2. I'm no expert, but shower her with affection and the transition will go smoother. BUT I know I didn't even need to tell you that. ;)

  3. awww, that's really sweet! I hope all of you have a very smooth adjustment to having a baby in the house!!

  4. so sweet! she will be a great helper it looks like.