Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week 3 of Being Thankful

I've been writing a short little journal entry on what I'm thankful for each day since the first day of this month. I just think November is the perfect month, especially right before Christmas to reflect on all of the amazing blessings we've all been given. I just thought I'd share some of what makes me appreciate being here and doing what I'm doing.

November 15, 2010: I'm so thankful for my baby. No really, her sweet face and cute voice are my motivation. She's my joy and my happiness, and I could go on.... and on and on... but I'll just say that she's the best thing I've ever done, and she doesn't ever cease to amaze me.

November 16, 2010: Thank you God for giving me a good night's sleep. I hate to admit that going to sleep is something I look forward to many days, but that's just how it is. I love to sleep. Ohhh yeaaaa!!!!!!!!

November 17, 2010: Today I'm thankful for the sweet lady that gave me my pedicure today. She did a fabulous job, and Lord knows she had a lot of work to do! My feet were a mess!! I really did enjoy myself though. I so think a pedicure is the best thing ever! 

November 18, 2010: I move at a snail's pace these days. If I'm on my feet for more than 15 minutes contractions start, back aches, and nausea sets in. Today I'm thankful to have been able to clean my kitchen. No seriously, if you're wondering why anyone's ever thankful to do that, I promise you it's possible. I'm embarrassed when other people have to come and help me clean. It's like I want to preclean before they come so they don't know how messy it really gets. Tonight after I put Addie to bed I shut down the computer, said a prayer, and cleaned the kitchen. I lasted a total of 35 minutes, and I did the dishes with out gagging too. The kitchen counters are spot and crumb-less, everything is put in it's right place, knobs and switches are sanitized, and I did it all by myself.
November 19, 2010: Today is the day! My husband, Philip comes home today! I'm so thankful for all of the lovin' and cuddlin' a comin'! 

November 20, 2010: Adeline has been on cloud nine with daddy home. I'm thankful for the biggest smiles I've seen on her face in 30 days!

November 21, 2010: I'm thankful today for a message that I heard through my ears and into my soul and heart! I love the Word!

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  1. Clean kitchens are sooo awesome.
    Yay! Your hubby's coming home!! :)