Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fav Things Thursday


My favorite, favorite thing this week was the heavenly pedicure I had yesterday. That's right folks. When my husband suggested I get one, I didn't even have to think twice. There's just something so relaxing about sitting in a chair soaking your feet in warm water, and then having someone clean them, massage them, and make them pretty. This one was only my 4th ever, but I'm pretty sure it was the best. She put this cooling lotion on my legs and feet and then wrapped hot towels around them. OH it felt so good! Yeaaaa! 


After a quick run into Victoria Secret for myself this week, I stopped by The Children's Place and picked up these boots for Adeline. They're so cute, and I love them! I still can't believe this child is in a size 7 shoe. She was in a 5 at the beginning of the summer. Growing... and growing!!


I was able to eat, enjoy, and keep down these pancakes this week. I'm going to admit that they were so yummy and delicious, I was slightly disappointed when Adeline ended up loving them, and I only ordered 3 pancakes for Addie and me both to share.Piggy mommy, huh?


The Child's Year  Cricut cartridge has been on my wish list for a couple of months now. I caught a really, really good sale and ended up buying it for only $17.95. It's one of my favorites now, and it's so sweet. I should really find time to catch up on scrap booking, so I can really put it to good use.


Is this some kind of weird pregnancy craving? It must be, because I really never watch QVC. Well besides many, many hours this week. Through the entire weekend and beginning of the week I was feeling awful. I couldn't stop throwing up, contractions, fatigue: just the normal pregnancy thing for me but turned up a few notches from normal. I find when I can keep my mind off how bad I'm feeling it helps, so I try to find a tv program or movie I'm interested in and with few commercials... who knew QVC was so captivating. All of a sudden I thought I really needed this margarita mixer [I don't drink.], and this awesome gift wrap set, oh and those jeans that make your butt look really good, although I don't think anything could make my butt look really good right now.......... 

Happy Thursday to ya'll, and have a lovely Friday and weekend too. 
I'll be cuddling and loving on my husband because he's coming home


  1. Any pregnant mommy deserves a pedicure! Yay for you!!! Love your sweet girls new boots. I also went shopping with my baby girls yesterday - they picked out their favourite sandals (we are starting Summer here in South Africa). I love that they already love shoe shopping!!! Mommy's girls for sure :) Thanks for sharing your weeks highlights. If it's any consolation - I'm not too sure how many of my 3 pancakes I would have shared ;) They look so good!!!

  2. Oh my, I will so be getting a pedicure in a few months when I reach your point. :) They are amazing! Where did you get yours done at?

    You know, I have never watched QVC before until now too...and I'm pregnant. How weird is that? I saw this amazing looking makeup collection from Bare Minerals the other day that I even ordered it, yep! lol! QVC is quite entertaining. They have some neat gadgets on there!

  3. Gotta love a good pedicure! Always my favorite past time (:

  4. I want those boots.
    Pancakes sound really good right now!
    Have a lovely weekend, dear:)

  5. Haha I watched Home Shopping Network by the hours when I was in my first trimester. By the end of their shows, those savvy, smooth talking women could have talked me into buying the ugliest jewelry in the world.

    Good for your husband talking you into a pedicure!

  6. a pedicure sounds good about now!!

    so glad that philip will be home! enjoy!

  7. oooo love the pedicure idea...and the boots