Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Christmas Parade

Last night Adeline went to her very first parade.
but this wasn't any ordinary parade...
it was the Christmas parade!
It was actually all of our first Christmas parade. 
Philip and I had never made it downtown for one before, but we figure with a bright eyed, rosey cheeked toddler, nows as good a time as any!

So we parked in a no parking zone like a bunch of jerks, hoped for a no tow, and walked a few blocks.
[I look forward to the day where Turtle can happily wait in the car or even at home. Until then, that ratty ol' thing goes where she goes... even if he would end up stuffed in Aunt Alison's purse missing out on cold, hard tootsie rolls being thrown at his little stuffed body.]
Tired from the walk? No prob! Pull up a curb, and have a seat!
Lucky for Adeline, her cousin Cy was there to catch the parade too! 
This was a triple whamy for my sweet one! 
1. She got to get out of the house. [Seriously, that's a treat, we hardly ever make it anywhere lately.]
2. She got to "See Cy!" whom she is currently idolizing and talks about all of the time even though they rarely get to play together.
3. Oh yea, the parade-Duuuuh!

and hah! She thought those blue flashing motorcycle lights were cool from her view on the ground? But whoa baby there's a heck of a view from Daddy's arms little one!
 Cy had a pretty sweet view from his Daddy's too!
We saw a Rudolph car.
Don't let these cute little suckers fool ya. Sure, you think, "Oh a sweet little float filled with Christmas cheer and smiling kiddies."
Then one of them goes all quarterback on you and sacks you with a big hard bag of tootsie rolls right in the preggo belly. 
I may or may not have called that kid a twerp.
It's all good though. Santa didn't chuck anything at me or my unborn fetus.
 Cool, loud motorcycles were fun.
Shaking her booty with the dancing girls was pretty cool. 
Waving to all of the people on the floats was surely neat....
but the highlight of miss Addie Jean's night was roadside pick up. 
If they threw it at her, near her, or near anyone else near her.... Adeline was determined to pick it up, and put it in Aunt Alison's bag. Tootsie rolls, stickers, stuffed animals, balls... the cool factor didn't matter. Only the task at hand, and I do think she did a good job if I do say so myself. 
That crushed green lolly pop did not, however make it into Aunt Alison's bag, but did make it into Adeline's mouth.
That's "otay, Mommy"
For a little girl who spends most days painting at the table or kicking the ball in the back yard... this Christmas parade was the highlight of her week, and that's a win for me!


  1. How fun!!! I've always wanted to go to a Christmas parade. I've only seen them on TV. There is a boat parade (with christmas lights) that every year I saw I will go to, but I never do. My grandparents took me as a kid, and I remember how awesome it was, so some day I will go to it. The parking is just going to be a nightmare. One day I will do it for M.

  2. i love that she carries that turtle around! :)

    parades are so much fun! especially the Christmas ones with all of the lights. i missed ours this year... maybe next time!

  3. Wow, looks like a fun, exciting time!!

  4. how fun! great memories! we're going to ours tomorrow!