Monday, December 6, 2010

A Little Winter Dress up for some Plain Jane Shirts

Give me a $3.00 turtle neck, some screen paint, freezer paper, and Christmas Cheer/Give a Hoot Cricut cartridges, and I call that a fun night!
Yea, I should probably get some friends or something. 
Since penguins are popular around our place in the last couple of weeks, Squiggy got herself a brand new navy blue penguin turtle neck. I did the designs small enough so that if she wears the turtle necks underneath a sleeveless dress the decal won't show, but I like the simplicity of it, and so does Squig!
This one reminds me of my Grandma. Every year she'd put out pink and only pink Christmas decorations. I kind of have a lame Christmas-color only policy with my decor, so it was fun making something Christmasy with pink in it too. 
Adeline got an icy blue doe turtleneck, and I'll admit this one's my favorite!

and baby brother gets a buck onesie to match big sister. My two little dears ;) awwwwwa

and because this moose is too cute to ignore, Gideon gets a moose too.

I did all of these using freezer paper stenciling and I used Simply Screen paint too.
I've used a lot of different fabric paints before, and I just find the screen paint lasts through the most washes.
Makes for a fun and easy way to dress up or personalize those plain shirts ya got lyin' around. 

Anyway, I've been grossly sick with pregnancy puking ALL weekend long. 
Seriously, it was some of those days where water wasn't even staying down.
So I'm praying for a better and even productive week.
I hope Monday's going well for ya'll. Have a good one! :)
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  1. Since Moose was my maiden name, I must admit that I'm sort of smitten with that sweet moose onsie!

  2. As always. Your killing me with your craft skillz. Seriously girl. Good job!

  3. Ps-I'd LOVE your sewing book! Thankyouverymuch!!! I'll send you my addy on facebook later! THANK YOU!

  4. I love your new header! ADORABLE! Those new outfits are amazing and almost makes me want a moose shirt! LOL

  5. Very cute. The penguin is my favorite. I'm sure that my two year old would love that moose top. I'll have to try it out.

    I'd love it if you'd link this project up to my Hip for the Holidays link party. I'm celebrating all things holiday apparel, and these are perfect.

    Link up any other related projects as well.

  6. i can't believe you're still puking! ugh! i feel so bad for you!!!

    i have never heard of that screen paint stuff. i got a bunch of plain onesies for my shower and thought about doing some decorating on them... but not quite sure how to go about it!

  7. Super cute, as always! I am so going to have to get crafty & start doing these kinds of things. I love them all!

    Bless you for still being sick. Today I am officially 16 weeks. I have not been sick for the past 2 weeks. I am no longer taking Zofran as much as I was before, but still a little sometimes just to be safe. I hope I am done with it all & moreso I hope you are too & SOON!

  8. Okay, I REALLY heart the onesies.
    I've always loved holding a baby in a onesie. Their chubby little legs are out then, and you can feel their tininess as they curl up to you.

    So cute! Great job:)

  9. I love freezer paper stenciling shirts! I just picked up a couple tees at Michaels (2 for $7) to transform for my dad and boyfriend! Yours look great, I wish i had a Cricut!