Sunday, December 26, 2010

Love Lovin

Did you guys make it through mounds of wrapping paper and multiple servings of decadent food this weekend?
[All of the food] probably why my face is so swollen and my belly is protruding, but I'm going to blame that on being pregnant because I can only ever use that excuse for a few more weeks ;)
Hope your Christmas was warm, and I hope your babies were spoiled with love and presents and both as a bonus! 
As for me? I'm spending consecutive days in warm cozy jammies, on the couch, with my little lovey girl watching The Princess and the Frog on repeat. 
I'm a lucky mommy, I am!


  1. Such sweet photos! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. We had a great's so fun now that Dmitri understands the concept of opening presents!

  2. Love this post.
    Soon Gideon will be here! My goodness!! We had a pretty lovely Christmas, though I drank tea for most of it because I had a headache and sore throat, dangit. :P
    Anyhow, it was good:)

  3. Awww love the photos. They feel so warm and cozy.
    You know, I still haven't seen that movie, and I've owned it since it came out! I need to watch it.
    BTW, just read your previous 2 post too, and I love the belly shot. Makes me miss mine. One day soon I'm sure.

  4. aww, you're beautiful with your swollen belly :) Looks like you guys enjoys a nice cozy Christmas