Wednesday, December 29, 2010


My baby will be 2 in a few weeks. 
I have mixed feelings about this age, but mostly I find it to be so magical. 
It's fun to just sit back and see where her little imagination goes. 
Sometimes I feel so privileged the good Lord chose me to be her mother. I get so many sweet moments just watching her do her thing.
Our days have been filled with tea parties served with the most nummy tea and plastic cupcakes too.
Those bake in the hot oben of her new toy kitchen before we sit down to share them with Mickmey and Ninnie and any other pals that around to participate. 
We rock baby dolls and put them down for naps so that when they awake they'll be energized enough to participate in round 37 of the day's Hot Dog Dance [Diggy Dog]. 
We cuddle up and alternate The Princess and the Frog DVD with 101 Dalmatians, and after either I'm forced to participate in role playing either a frog or a pup.
By the end of the day just as my back is getting too sore to play, I've got to be a hawsee and crawl around the living room while she gets a free wide

I try to remember not to complain, and to always say sure in requests to play.

 I know one day the plastic prince will turn into a real boy, and I'll surely miss these days of pretend. 


  1. so so true! soak it up now. I dread the day when my little momma's boy is too cool to give me kisses :(

  2. She is so adorable. I know that one day, my Little Bear isn't gonna be such a Mommy's Boy, so I'm taking advantage while he still thinks I'm his whole world. :]

  3. Such a sweet post. So true. I think about how fast 16 more years will go by, and it makes me a little sad.

  4. aww, hard to believe she's going to be two! I think I might have a meltdown when Dmitri turns two this summer..Yikes!