Saturday, December 18, 2010


I was crying on the phone to my patient husband as I was reciting the list of things I have to do and buy before this baby arrives. 
"All you need to do is sit on the sofa, take care of my baby, and make sure the other one stays in until I get home."
He repeated that over and over to me, each time making me a little more angry. [I know, I'm a beast, right?]
I said stupid things like, "Oh well, do you want to wrap him up in pastel pink blankets?" or "What do you want me to do, put his tiny booty in Addie's big ole diapers?" and even "Sure I don't think the other babies will make fun of a little boy in a pink and gray car seat."
My husband is a patient man. 
He just gently told me I was doing what they call "nesting."
[as if I'd never heard the term.]
and then he just told me to go lay down on the sofa and be nice.

I don't really remember "nesting" with Adeline.
I mean of course I got her nursery and the house ready for her arrival, but I don't remember being in an obsessive, panicky rush about it.

A few nights ago during one of my many bathroom breaks of the night I was immediately panicked about not having any socks for the baby. 
"Socks... socks, oh my dear he has to have socks.... what did I even do with Adeline's little baby socks? They're probably pink or purple anyway. Yea she had some with little roses too. Aww they were so tiny.... OMG I have to get this boy some socks. Thank God I remembered about socks before I got the the hospital. How embarrassed would I be to bring our baby home in the middle of winter with no socks?"
That was about my thinking as I emptied my bladder at appx 3am that morning.

The next day I broke out the boppy pillow. I had a love/hate relationship with my boppy. 
Addie and I had a lot of problems in her first 5 weeks with breastfeeding, and I remember thinking "THIS THING IS SUPPOSED TO HELP ME HOLD HER RIGHT FOR NURSING, IT SAID SO ON THE PACKAGE!!" So as inconvenient as it sometimes was to get out of bed and go get it from the living room where I left it at the last feeding, only to get back in bed or in the rocker to nurse, I always felt like I needed it. Then as she grew of course would rest in it, and sit in it, like they do. So anyway, we got a lot of use out of it.

The biggest battle then was to keep my black [major shedding] Labradoodle off of it, since she really tried to claim it as her own pillow.

... well now that I broke it out to recover it for Gideon.... Adeline's reclaiming it, and thinks she has to sit in it every time she stops. 
I tried to take a picture of the 2 different covers, but both times Adeline ran over to the vacant pillow and plopped herself right on it. 
I don't particularly love the airplane fabric, but it was all I had in my stash that was big enough to cover the pillow. 
[If there's one thing I'm learning now that I'm doing this mommy thing a second go round, it's that sometimes ya just gotta do what's best for the bank account!]

Next on my list was a diaper changing pad cover. 
I bought Adeline's before she was born for around $25, and of course it's pink.
Gideon needed one, and again I just decided to turn to my fabric stash. 
My sister said the gray fabric looks purple. 
Plus I made it a little snugger than I'd have liked it. 
Other than that, it'll do!
Because I've got a lot more to get ready for!
Like right now.



  1. i don't have any baby socks either!! (and it is COLD in PA!)

    i'm glad we're getting most things in neutral--that way i won't have these issues if we have another!!

    perhaps you will get some needed items for christmas from family (?)... so maybe you can wait until after then (and when philip gets home) to round up the last of what you need. definitely don't stress!!!! (i know, easier said than done!)

  2. aww...I am so the same way, except I'm pretty sure that I'm nesting the whole pregnancy. And maybe when I'm not pregnant too. Haha!

    You are almost there, girl! Hang in there. And I love the boppy cover and changing pad cover! Those are both on my list to do too!

  3. I LOVE the little blue airplane fabric that you did for Gideon's boppy cover. Very, very cute!

    The changing table cover looks awesome as well. The gray is so simple & plain, but the polka dots really bring it out & pull it together. You did well!

    I wonder if I will feel panicky about the new baby when the time gets closer. Maybe not so much because we're having another girl & I already have just about everything we need, except tiny diapers of course. It's just what good mommies do I bet! Hang in there! You're awesome! :)

  4. Ah, I love the airplane boppy! Really really love it!

  5. I love the new cover for the Boppy. So cute. And Addie is such a little cutie. :]
    Just curious, did you make your blog headers yourself? they are super cute.

  6. Hey I like the airplane fabric!! I had issues with the boppy too, and found I had better success without it. I did find other uses for it though, so it wasn't a total waste of money.

    And on a different note, how cute is that belly of hers? Love the pjs too!! What a cutie!

  7. Seriously LOVE all the fabric choices! You are such a talented mommy:) Deep breaths girl. It's not like you live in MN and it's 30 below zero and the boy doesn't have socks...haha! It's almost over!

  8. I know what you mean girl & the middle of the night peeing & realizing you have this this & this to buy & not being able to return to sleep. Ugh

    It will all come together just remind yourself of that. My husband tries to calm me down to with things but doesn't realize that he is actually making it worse HA!

    Your almost there not too much longer & all this crazy hormone stuff will get better.. maybe LOL mine kicked in with Shiloh after I had her but this time it started months ago so who really knows.

  9. awww, I really love the airplane boppy cover! But then again, my husband works at an airport and we're a bit plane obsessed in my house, so my opinion may be biased. :)

    You're certainly in the home stretch now mama!