Thursday, December 23, 2010

Quick Little Update

I'm 32 weeks pregnant today! I had another doctor's appointment, and this was a fun one since I got to have an ultrasound and see the baby! 
He's head down, and looking like he weighs about 4lbs 6oz, which is in the 56th percentile for his gestational age.I'm still measuring at 34 weeks, but we learned today that it's due to my high fluid level.
My level is at 25, which is a little high according to my doctor. He said they start to get concerned about preterm labor when the fluid level gets to be about 30. I should be fine though, everything else checks out right on key and both baby and me are healthy!
Adeline has been getting into the baby mood with me. She's been learning all about baby Jesus and his birthday lately, and I think that along with everything we've been preparing for baby brother totally has her in baby mode. She puts all of her dolls and toys to sleep and feeds them and rocks them, and it's just the sweetest thing. We talk about and pray for brother all the time, and although I'm not sure if she really understands his reality, she sure is seeming to be a good big sister so far! Now we'll see what she does when he actually gets here.

On another note, on the account of me actually getting dressed to leave the house today, Adeline and I headed into town to have lunch with my dad, brother, and sister. 
Squiggy was surprisingly well behaved and extra cute, so she got a candy cane from the waitress. 
I'm glad the waitress was in a pleasant mood, because everyone else in town certainly seemed to be a bunch of grumpy pants! Traffic was so cutthroat and hostile, I couldn't wait to get home and back on the couch.
Now I know I haven't been in my usual holiday jolly mood, but I hope people are nicer in their homes than they are in their cars! Sheeesh! 
Oh Well.
Hope you're all having a Merry Eve of Christmas Eve.


  1. Yay for you & baby Gideon being so healthy & doing great! You're almost there!

    Adeline will be a great big sister, I know it. I am so excited about Lexie too. She has always been very "maternal" for 3...feeding, bathing, changing her babies, etc. It's too cute. I think she will really be a big help when our little one is here. She's already made 1 thing clear though...she will NOT change any dirty diapers, haha!

    Have a blessed Christmas girl! (even though you already celebrated ;))

  2. Ohmagoodness. :) Cuteness.
    He's getting bigger. Can't wait to meet him!

  3. you look fab! and adeline looks absolutely adorable in that outfit!!!

    Merry Christmas!!!

  4. Little Addie's dress is absolutely adorable.
    You look awesome!