Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Daddy's Home

My blog is really important to me. 
I blog about what I want to remember, be it a project, a milestone, or just a simple moment.

Daddy came home this morning,

and I feel like if I don't write about the huge smile scribbled across my daughter's face when she first saw him, that I just won't remember [since after all we can't have our cameras in hand all the time].

Philip spent the last 28 days working in Pennsylvania: 12+ hour days 0 days off.
I don't know which one of us is happier he's home, but since he's been passed out on the sofa for the past 3 hours, I'd guess I could give it to him.

A snowstorm threatened his scheduled homecoming, but bound and determined as he was he drove through 4 hours of snow to sleep at an airport in hopes that his flight would be delayed and not canceled this morning at 6am. 

I had anyone willing praying for his safe and speedy return 

1. I've been lonely.
2. It's hard being so sick and chasing a very active toddler around, refilling cups, changing diapers, etc.
3. I'm selfishly ready to have this kid, and I can't really do that without Daddy here. 
4. I could really use a back rub. 
5. He's capable of grocery shopping...
okay I really could make that a giant list, but I won't bore you too badly.

I stayed up nearly all night text harrassing him and calling at any available moment to make sure he hadn't driven his truck into a snowy tree [because down here in South Louisiana, we don't know snow, yo.]
I prayed a lot for his safety last night.

I'm kind of a freak about worrying when he's away.
It's like I'm sure that since I didn't get that check in at the normal time that he's surely in an awful wreck all by himself without anyone to love him or hold his hand. Then what if they lost his phone in the accident and no one has any way to call me or let me know he's okay? 

Seriously that's where my mind goes, a lot

I'm trying to learn what faith really means, because for a control freak, giving it all to God is a hard thing to do.
In the end I pray His will be done, but selfishly sometimes I just hope his will and my will are on the same page. 

I've got a lot of learning to do, I know.

So yea, God is good.
Not only did he make it to the airport safely, but his flight wasn't delayed, it was on time!
Then his layover flight was even on time.
So stoked, because we were told due to flight delays and cancellations he may not even make it home until the weekend. 
On top of all of that, Philip made it home shortly after noon, when normally he doesn't even get home until late in the evening. 

Adeline was still napping when he got in, but when she woke up she threw herself into Daddy's arms faster than she even knew she was awake.

I saw the sweetest smiles on both of them, and although I was tempted to run waddle into the living room to get my camera, I chose to stay and soak up the sweetness that I'd been longing for for a month. 

 It wasn't very long before a happy little bedhead girl had her hands full of chocolate Valentine's bass and chocolate milk to wash it down.

So I'm thinking he's had a long enough nap, besides the sofa is my turf
I'm off to wake him up and pretend to fuss about how unnecessarily spoiled Daddy's girl is. 


  1. So sweet. I know that when we get to go see Taylor (which isn't often enough, trust me), Matheson grins from ear to ear and gets all shy around his Daddy. It's the best feeling to witness the happy interactions between Daddy and Baby.

  2. Yay!!! Glad he made it home safe. Woot woot!! :)

  3. That is so sweet, i love the reminder to soak up those precious moments instead of always running for the camera,,, that kinda spoke to me! Hope you enjoy this precious time with your family before the new little guy makes his appearance!

  4. i'm so glad he made it home! i was thinking of you all and saying some prayers after you told me that he had to fly outta PIT. glad the weather didn't hold him up or cause any horrific scenes!!

    (love addie's little sweater jacket thing... CUTE!)

  5. PS--even PA people don't know how to drive in the snow some days! LOL!

  6. Sooooo happy for you that he is finally home!! Now go have that baby!! lol :)

  7. I'm glad he made it home safe and sound! Where in PA was he working, if you don't mind me asking? Things are pretty crazy here with all of this snow. Everythings been shut down for 2 days now with no end in sight :(

    But yes, God certainly is good!

  8. "In the end I pray His will be done, but selfishly sometimes I just hope his will and my will are on the same page." ......I'm so with you!

    Awwww, is that last picture the sweetest, or what! (no pun intended:)

  9. you and i are so on the same page! i'm also too often caught thinking that i want my will and the Lord's will to be pretty much EXACTLY the same. and it's those times i have to go back to places in the past where i desperately wanted something, and how it didn't happen, and that because it did not occur i have the life i do now. and i love my life now with a ferocity that would scare a liger!! anyway, i'm sorry that you've been so sick...i was really sick with my second, too. in fact, my second baby just arrived on december 20th (ezra atticus), and i'm so excited for your little bundle to arrive! can't wait to continue learning all about your family....i love your blog :)