Saturday, January 15, 2011

Just a waiting game...

I've got a diaper bag packed full of things a little newborn baby boy will need once he's ready to make his debut.
I've got an antique dresser drawer packed to the top with washed blue, green, gray, and white sleepers, onesies, and tiny little pants in NB and 0-3 sizes.
 I've got a freshly re-covered carseat just waiting for a little bundle of baby to buckle up.
I've got a spacious crib awaiting a warm little body and sweet dreams to fill it.
and while I wait for Gideon's birthday I've got a sweet soon-to-be second-time daddy and an unsuspecting soon-to-be big sister to cuddle up with in the mean time.


  1. So cute! You are way more prepared than I was. Then again, you can't really prepare yourself for going into labor a month early...
    Gideon's nursery turned out so cute.
    <3/Lindsey @ Confessions of a Marine Wife

  2. ah, look at that drawer packed full of cute little things for him to wear!
    darling pic of squiggy and daddy:)

  3. Oh, everything looks so great Courtney! I can't believe (but then I can because this is YOU we are talking about!) that you recovered that car seat! It came out so nice. Girl, you should work out of your home doing crafts & such. I know you will some day!

    Have a beautiful weekend! :)

  4. Hooray! Looks like you are fully prepared! Cannot wait to see pictures of that sweet little boy!

  5. Actually, my mom recovered her car seat, haha. Just thinking about it had me feeling defeated.

  6. waiting is the worst! 14 days for me... and i am SO antsy!! COME ON BABIES!!