Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Day Packed with a Spoiled Squiggy!

Adeline had a birthday filled with love.
We dedicated the whole day to her, and did whatever she wanted to do.
Brownies for breakfast? Well duh! [Okay that was more so what wanted to do, but I assure you she was stoked about this mix up!]
I let her pick out her outfit, as I do most mornings now, and of course she picked out a blue vest with Minnie Mouse on the chest. 
A little bit of playing ball and a little bit of girl talk in her bed, we decided that her bed was too small to fit all of the cuddling we wanted to squeeze in.
So into Mommy and Daddy's bed we went. 
and it was there where we tickled and hopped around, and answered various phone calls of family members calling to sing the Birthday Song.
Oh yea, and because Addie was generous enough to share the attention for the day, we made it to a quick vet appointment for the Labradoodle. 
and although she wasn't very well behaved there, it was her birthday, so Daddy got her her first ever root beer
and she loved it! 
We all three grabbed a nap, and then in the evening after replacing chocolate brownie stained clothes with Squiggy picked evening attire, we headed into town for dinner and some shopping.
[Unfortunately, my camera battery was dead by then, so thanks iphone for picking up the slack]
Apparently either everyone was celebrating her birthday by going out for dinner, or no one felt like cooking yesterday evening because there was a super long wait, and we had to do some extra bundling along with entertaining.
Once we finally got in, we ate and sang our Happy Birthday song to our fresh little 2 year old while she swayed and blew out her candle only to indulge in what was the yummiest and sweetest desert of all [that she had all day, which really was a lot]
and after multiple laps around Target...
she ended up picking out a microphone, balloons, and rubber boots out for her birthday shopping.

One special day filled with the sweetest of moments.
Our girl is 2 awesome!

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