Monday, February 7, 2011

Little Gideon

Dear son,
   Are you in there giggling at me or something? Laughing as I check off each and every tried and failed method of naturally inducing labor I've come across? Okay, I know that the hour of Just Dance 2 was probably something that rocked your little world a little, but I was sure I could dance you on our of your little cocoon. You're stubborn like your Daddy, and your sister too for that matter.
  I get it, your comfy in here, but baby wait'll you see these blankets that are washed and waiting to wrap around your tiny little body. I'll hold you tight, I promise.
   You see, we're all kind of.... waiting on you....... Daddy's ready to give himself credit for your handsome looks, Adeline's ready to [hopefully] sweetly kiss your forehead, and Gracie's ready to super sniff the new human addition to the family. Me? Obviously we've been over all of the sweet stuff I'm ready for, but baby boy I don't know how much longer I can tolerate you in my belly.
   I'm not too sure how much more my skin will stretch, and honey my hip bones may shatter if you keep boxing with them. I'm awfully tired of puking and then pumping myself up with medicine, and sweetie pie this heartburn is something terrible. My everything hurts, and I'm bigger than I've ever been. ever....
   I pretty much thought we'd already be holding you, rocking you, kissing you, and loving you. Here. In the flesh. [As opposed to in the womb...where you are really hurting me now.] Seriously, BH contractions for the passed 4 months, and painful contractions now for 3 1/2 weeks? If you're waiting on something special baby, Mommy's ready to give you the moon!
   Really honey, if you're all good and done baking in there it's more than okay for you to come on out. It's not so scary out here, although I know you're big sister's screeching and tantrums sound a little disturbing sometimes. I swear I'll make her be nice to you. In fact, I bet when you come out, I can even stop snoring during the little sleep I do get. Hear that? You'd probably get peace and quiet kind of sleep! Oh and a bassinette too. You won't have to be kicked and shoved by Daddy or Gracie in bed anymore. A space all of your own, right next to me.
   That sound good, love?
   Great. Now get out.
   I'm so ready to see your precious face and hold your tiny body.
   On the real, kid.

                                                                 All my love,



  1. This is the sweetest little post. When are you offically due? When does Phillip leave? Are they going to induce you before he leaves so that he can witness the birth?

  2. Awww. You should save this letter and show him when he's older.

  3. This made me smile :) Reminds me of my second daughter, who stayed in for 10 days over her due date... and she´s still always late, today, seven years later :)

  4. I hope he comes sooooon!!!!! Can't wait to see him!!

  5. Loved this post! I remember feeling this way with Dmitri...

    Have you tried castor oil? Just curious because I am considering trying it this Haha!

    Alright baby Gideon, listen to your mama and get here already! The world wants to meet you!

  6. aww, this is so sweet!! Here's hoping he makes his grant debut soon!!