Friday, February 25, 2011

Squiggy Adjusting

I am loving this new season in our lives. 
The transition from 1 to 2 has been so much smoother [thus far] than we anticipated. 

I've been spending some of my spare time getting back on my house work, since I have been vacant from it for the passed 10 months. 
Once I get caught up on that, I plan on tacking the hefty task of my new craft room. I have a lot of projects floating around in my head that I'm eager to fufill, but I can't do anything until I'm good and organized. I'd attach a picture of the literal mounds of things I have to go through and find a new home for, but it really is far too embarrassing. 

So besides loving up on my precious newborn, I've been making extra effort to spend some quality time with Adeline, my 2 year old.
She's been adjusting extremely well to Gideon moving on into our hearts. 
She's always so excited to report when his eyes are open, "He eyes ope, Mommy, SEE?"
and she is the first one to brag on her little brother when we get visitors, "He's sooo toot!"
She makes a comforting big sister when he's upset,"Don't cwy, baby bwover. It's awite"
and she's always so great about being patient with her needs when my hands are full nursing him ,changing his diaper, or things of the sort.

I want to make sure that while I'm fully engaged in meeting the needs of this tiny little infant that I soak in every moment that passes by so quickly with both of our babies. I know I'll miss them when they're over.

She loves to read, so normally that's the past time of choice for us.

"Read a boop, mommy!" 
is something she repeats probably close to 147 times a day, and really how can you say no to that?
Love, love that baby girl!


  1. Aw I am so happy for you & your family. I am so glad everyone is adjusting well & things are going smoothly.

  2. I need to go see that "toot" baby boy! So sweet, big sister!

  3. glad things are going so smoothly! maybe there is hope for me having a 2nd one day.... we're still adjusting to 1!!