Sunday, February 27, 2011


What do you do when the sun is cozily settled behind a thick blanket of slate gray clouds?
 well this guy gives my car a bath:
and this girl...
she has happy feet all over the wet cement
and it was a sweet evening... having my car washed and watching dirty wet little feet have some freelance fun!


  1. Holy Man are those adorable pics of her! She NEEDS to have her face on a diaper box, or baby food jar or something. UGH! AND I'm crying a little looking at your man wearing a CUT OFF t-shirt in Feb. I saw grass! Green grass!

  2. oh man, I'm totally jealous that you can go outside barefoot right now! We still have snow :(

    Love love love her sweet yellow dress!

  3. look at those rosy cheeks! so sweet!