Friday, March 11, 2011

Business Meeting

I take my job very seriously.
So today I arranged a very important business lunch with one of my top clients.
She chose the venue, which exclusively served chicken fingers and french fries. 
She was extra excited to have gotten "tote" (Sprite) instead of juice.
The top topics on our agenda included
-amazement and discussion how a W turned upside down is an M and an M turned upside down is a W. 

-gender differentiation conversation
ex. Mommy is a girl, Daddy is a boy, Adeline is a girl, Gideon is a boy....
this lead to inanimate objects having chosen sexes 
ex. cup is a boy, flip flop is a girl, french fry is a boy.....

-the importance of not hanging out of the car window like the two puppies we saw at the red light.
[she is still talking about these dogs hanging out of the windows]

-and how baby Gideon doesn't need a bite of your chicken because he only drinks Mommy milk. 
similarly he is the only one of us allowed to nap in the booth. 
Overall business is good. 
I think I have a couple of happy clients. 
I'm thinking about giving myself a raise.


  1. You totally deserve a raise. That looks like an awesome business lunch!

  2. I'm giving you a raise too! You deserve it! So flipping "TOOT" (your girls language for cute:)

  3. This post put a smile on my face! Adorable. I'm passing it along to my sister-in-law who is a SAHM. <3


    All This is Grace and Charm

  4. Love this witty post! Did you take that picture of the dogs hanging out the windows? That came out good!

  5. Such a sweet post! Being born and raised in the South, I remember calling any and every soft drink a "Coke" until probably middle school. I'm pretty sure that's normal for Southerners.

  6. Oh, precious precious! It will be so neat to have these memories to look back on. You definitely deserve a raise!

  7. love this! (sorry, i'm just now catching up on blogs!!)