Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Apples to Apples

Adeline was born, and the world declared she looked like her Daddy.

Gideon was born, and we saw Addie all over again. Their almond shaped blue eyes, and soft light brown hair, their juicy lips, and tiny little button nose.... all alike. 

Only this time Philip and I are the only ones who think sister and brother look alike as newborns. 

So here are a couple of comparison pictures to prove our point:

Adeline @ 3 weeks
Gideon @ 3 weeks
This was Addie @ 4 weeks
& here's Gideon @ 2 weeks

Of course infants morph quickly from tiny little sleepy babies to bouncing lively babies to running toddlers and the like, but Philip and I remember these itty bitty days of Addie, and they look a lot like the itty bitty days of her brother  now.

The two make look alike, but they most definitely have different personalities. 
Adeline was a fussy, demanding, sensitive baby although she was sweet and lovey all the same. 
She has been a wild little thing since pretty much immediately after conception. 
Philip says it's because she's like her mommy.

Gideon has been still, calm, and chill. It's a totally different baby experience! 
He's pretty content and happy with whatever he's doing and wherever he's at. 
I say he's a lot like his daddy. 

Either way we love um both a whole buncha!


  1. Isn't it crazy how much they look alike? My girls do as well except Gabriella has blue eyes & lighter hair.

    I can't wait to see who they look like in a few months from now.

    My girls have total opposite personalities for sure!

  2. they DEF look alike!! i thought that from the first pics you posted of them when Gideon was born! :) so sweet!

  3. oh goodness, they definatly look alike, right down to the shape of their little baby lips!

  4. They look like TWINS as infants! It's crazy! I can't wait to see him change and see who he looks like next!